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My (Recent) Everyday Makeup Routine

This is a close up of the everyday makeup items, including some Japanese luxury makeup.

My (Recent) Everyday Makeup Routine

January 15, 2023


Not to brag or anything, but I've been doing my makeup about 75% of the time, so far this year. This is a huge difference from last year and it means I get to play with makeup much more and go back to my roots. My original passion within beauty was makeup, and I remember doing so many eyeshadow palette reviews (who remembers the OG Urban Decay palette??) I loved trying different blush colors and foundation formulations. What's interesting is that skincare actually came a bit after because I realized that my makeup could only look good if there was good skin underneath. The sooner you realize skincare is more important, the easier your beauty routine will be long-term. And the happier you'll be with your complexion. Trust.

When it comes to foundation, I am very particular and tend to never find the right shade. It's always too dark or too light and I've found a pretty perfect match with Sensai's Cream Foundation in the shade CF22 Natural Beige. All of the Japanese makeup I've mentioned recently was purchased on Wafaa's site Beauty Gypsy. Her and I keep saying that this cream foundation was made for me because it looks like my skin, only enhanced. My biggest finding from Sensai is that it's not only an amazing foundation that covers everything in a nice natural way; it also adds massive hydration to the skin. 5/5 you must try.

I've gone back to using more of my Gee Beauty items, and also snagged a few items recently during the holidays. Including the Brightening Concealer which is the lightest shade because I wanted to brighten that area significantly. Gee Beauty is an online retailer with many brands, but they also have their own line of incredible beauty products. You can see some of my faves from their site in my shop here. The other item from Gee Beauty is The Multi Mascara, and it works best with the Dior Lash Primer. However Gee Beauty does fantastic mascaras, and this is the second one I've had.  

Oldie but a goodie, the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow. The shade I've been using is Exagger-Eyes which is a warm metallic gold. This is an easy glide-on formula with high shine. Super blendable. 

This is a close up of my skin with the Japanese luxury makeup from Sensai, along with other favorites.

The blush from Nude Envie is a gorgeous warmer pink shade that borders bronzer, so there's a nice flush which looks really natural on my complexion. It's got a little gold shimmer too, which gives a minor glow to the skin, and you know I always love a highlighter or glow of any kind. This formula is also made with crushed pearl so it allows for the regeneration of skin cells while improving collagen levels. It's got skincare benefits in a gorgeous beauty product. Understated and much needed. 

When it comes to the lips, the lipstick is a shade called Joey which was created by my colleague Rachel, aka the Beauty Professor on social. It is a super beautiful shimmery warm pink nude with a touch of coral. The coral makes skin look so beautiful and tanned, and it's not an over the top coral. Looks amazing on so many skin tones. 

The final products were from Merle Norman. I had a blush and the highlighter, but since I tend to go for the Nude Envie blush nowadays, I didn't use the blush but I did dab on the highlight pretty heavily. 

So tell me, what's your favorite everyday makeup item?

In this photo, the Joey lipstick from Nude Envie is being held by Adaleta Avdic.

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