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My Top 9 Products in 2022

This is a flat lay of my favorite beauty products in 2022 including Lux Unfiltered, Dior Beauty, Agent Nateur and C and the Moon.

My Top 9 Products in 2022

January 2, 2023


2022 had so many incredible launches, but a few of these products superseded even the newest options in the beautysphere. And truthfully a few staples stayed in top position for me. When I chose these nine (9) products, I thought of the ones that I reached for over and over (or even had empties of ie. the fragrance and the face mask). As well as products that made me feel beautiful every single time I used them (ie. the shimmer stick and the lip liner.) These were the ones that not only I used all year, some several years, but they really were the beauty stars for me and still get me excited every time I pick them up.

Agent Nateur has been steadily climbing to the absolute top of my beauty list over the last few years. But I really became obsessed with almost everything. The reason being the transparency and efficacy of each product I've tried. However, there were two major stars for me this year. Referred to as "Botox in a jar" their lactic acid mask has an almost instant glow and lifting effect on the skin. At this point, I believe we're on jar 3 or 4 . Not to mention it really feels like it's tightening the pores (and frankly everything.) I usually have 2+ back-ups of this mask on deck because I can never be without it. A jar will last us a few months and I try to do this mask at least once a week, sometimes twice. 

And my other top product from Agent was their new Body Balm. There is nothing quite like that formulation, and trust me I tried every body oil, balm, cream, etc during pregnancy. It's got oils, but also the richness of a nice body cream making it truly the best of both worlds. It gives the skin the most beautiful, and insane, glow. I see myself lathering this balm up and down my arms and legs this summer for an immediate glow before a pool day.

Lux Unfiltered, another brand I've used and loved for years, launched a new shower oil. The idea of a shower oil seemed so odd to me initially because I wondered how on earth is that going to cleanse, but this is such a genius concept because it allows for a deeper shave, but also hydrates the skin very deeply at the same time.

Dior Beauty Lash Primer is incredible and my honest opinion is that no mascara will ever be fully complete without this primer. Even the most useless mascara will look pretty dang good with just a little bit of this primer. 

Next up is a body scrub (lots of body products have made my list this year, for good reasons.) You've heard me talk about C and the Moon quite a lot, but their scrub has been the top one amongst a really incredible roster of scrubs. It has a beautiful exfoliating element to it, it's clean but the best thing is the after effect it leaves because the skin is incredibly silky and hydrated.

Dibs Beauty has launched some incredible products over the last few years, but I have to say their lip liners are incredibly pigmented and creamy. My favorite is the shade 1 which is just the prettiest nude rose color. It also isn't super drying which I find a lot of liners can be. This is perfect underneath a gloss, or a lipstick, or alone. Makes it super versatile. 

Credo's own in-house brand, Exa Beauty, has an entire line of incredible products. My personal favorite has been the foundation because it baffles me how good the coverage is but also that the entire line is clean. In case you missed all my mentions of Credo in 2022, it is like the luxury Sephora of clean beauty specifically. They have a really high standard for which brands are sold, and you can trust it's going to be a lot better than the majority of beauty brands. 

+ right now Credo is offering a clean starter kit with some bestsellers.

My favorite fragrance (of all) is No. 4 from Maison Louis Marie. I cannot tell you how many compliments I get every single time I wear it. It has a nice amber, musky scent (but still clean.) Also I realized that it smells different on everyone, whereas most fragrances have a similar overpowering smell on most.

& finally this shimmer stick from Fenty Beauty in the shade yacht lyfe has been a true makeup staple. I use this on the lids, top of the nose, cheekbones, lips, and I've even put a little on the collarbones to give them a nice sun-kissed look. It is the most beautiful rosy color, and we love a multitasking product.

What were some of your favorite beauty products of 2022?

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