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NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

| Virtual Domination Cheek Palette | Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base |

Now I will admit I went to Sephora this past weekend specifically to pick up this palette. I have been at the end of my NARS eyeshadow primer so I picked up a replacement while I was in the store (I have yet to find a better one by the way.) The cheek palette was one of those items I just couldn’t stop thinking about so I realized in order to shut my brain off, I had to go and purchase it. NARS got me this time…well done, well done!

But in my defense, just look at how beautiful this entire palette looks. Typically, I’ll take one look at a palette and just know that several of the products won’t be good for me and I’ll talk myself out of purchasing it. With this palette, there wasn’t a single one I couldn’t imagine using. The palette includes three blushes, one highlighter, and one bronzer. You will find their popular Laguna Bronzing Powder the bronzer. Deep Throat, Sexy Fantasy and Final Cut are the blushes while Miss Liberty is the highlighter. These five make such a gorgeous palette. It’s just unreal

I’ve tried the blushes, the highlighter, and the bronzer in the past few days and all I can say is NARS gets a big fat thumbs up from me. 

When and for who will you be picking up this gorgeous palette?

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