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This close up features the #ItsJudyTime collaborative eyeshadow and lip palettes from Pixi Beauty.

I absolutely love when #TeamInternet rocks it out, and does amazing things. Recently four influencers collaborated with Pixi Beauty on several products.

Aspyn Novard created two highlighters, a blush and an eye kit. One highlighter is Santorini Sunset which is the darker of the two, and has more golden hints to it. The other, London Lustre, is a lighter shade and I absolutely love this color because it compliments my skin tone and has pearl hints to it. The highlighters are called Pixi by Petra Glow-y Powder and this is probably my favorite product out of the entire line because well…you know I love my highlight. The formulation is creamy and looks so incredibly natural and beautiful on the cheeks.

Aspyn also created a Pixi By Petra Eye Accents Kit, which includes lower lash mascara and clear brow gel. While I like the idea of a lower lash mascara (I really do mess up quite a bit when it comes to the lower lashes and the normal lash applicator from a full size mascara) it is a bit of a “luxury” to have a separate mascara for your top lashes and another for your bottom. However, the lower lash mascara itself is a great product. Now when it comes to the brow gel, I wasn’t too pleased with it to be quite honest. I have used the Anastasia Brow Gel for years now, and while I’m willing to try new brow gels, I was not happy with the way this one didn’t hold all my crazy brows in place + it made my eyebrows crunchy which is the most preferential outcome.

Next up, Caroline Hirons. She simply hit the ball out of the park with her creation of the double cleanse. One side contains a cleansing oil, while the other contains a moisturizing cleanser. The two combined make the perfect nighttime combination, which cleanses the $%&# out of your skin. Every thing about the texture, formulation and end results of this product is so wonderful, and I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough to you.

Judy (ItsJudyTime) collaborated on a lip palette, as well as an eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette is stunning, with colors I dream about every day (how many neutral palettes can I love!?) While I have oilier lids than most, these shadows are long-lasting which is quite nice. You get 12 beautiful shades for $24 which is such a deal given these pans are significantly larger than MAC or Urban Decay (which are far more expensive.) This is a steal and something you’ll have to pick up. 

When it comes to the lip palette, I wasn’t impressed after a few tries. I find the idea of a lip palette super annoying and to be honest, a little cheap. I’m a big proponent of beautiful single lipstick packaging. Most people are not going to carry this large palette in their purse, which makes it a little less travel-friendly and less usable. Also, you have to have a separate lip applicator or use your finger. Both of which I hate. I refuse to use my finger because that will just be a mess and I absolutely cannot stand having to use a lip applicator. Therefore the packaging is far from ideal. I have only had a chance to test out a few shades, and they’re more like glosses because they’re not full coverage. This palette really reminds me of some of the palettes I used to get at Claire’s when I was just starting out with makeup. I hate to say it, but this is not my favorite product and I’m a true lip junkie (as you all know) and I’ve had a lot of experience with thousands of formulas. This is one you can skip on when it comes to this brand new collection.


Lastly, we come to the highlight and bronze kits from Maryam Maquillage (who I’ve never heard of before this collaboration to be completely candid.) These are straight fire. I love the formulation of every single shade, and the long wear is amazing. The strobe and bronze palette has 3 highlight shades and 3 bronze shades, all of which are beautiful and complement my skin nicely. Now the second palette is the strobe and sculpt palette which is much darker and more intense. I’d say this one is more fit for those with darker or tanned complexions, because it is definitely too dark for me at the moment. In addition, the shade range is specific to sculpting the face and is not an all over natural type of bronze, like the strobe and bronze palette is. The quality of the powders in both palettes is phenomenal, with the strobe and bronze becoming a new favorite for the year. 

In addition, Maryam collaborated with Pixi to create the perfect brush for application for her two palettes. This is one of the softest, fluffiest and most effective brushes I’ve ever used. I’m keeping this one around!

Have you tried anything from the #PixiPretties new collection? What’s your favorite?

This is a close up of the gorgeous #PixiPretties strobe & highlight + strobe & bronze palettes from Pixi Beauty.

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This is a flat lay of the gorgeous #PixiPretties collection from Pixi Beauty.

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