New in Makeup // OBSESSED

This is a flat lay of beautiful makeup including a highlighter palette, eye pigments, bronzer and even more goodies.

Rarely do I ever turn down some new makeup, because let’s be real, I absolutely love new makeup. Especially testing it out and getting to feel it on my skin to see how it performs. One of my favorite things is when new goodies come out that I can test out and recommend (or deter you from) on here!

Because I recently filmed a tutorial using these new goodies (video coming verrry soon!) I thought I’d dive into the specifics of each of these products because they are some of my favorites at the moment. 

Milk Makeup is swiftly becoming a powerhouse brand, and I realized they are in Sephora now! The incredible blur stick I’ve been reaching for is considered a primer, so I guess I was just ahead of it with using it as one. You know me, ahead of the curve. Anyway, long story long, the eye pigments are insane. They are so creamy and pigmented (go figure!) and they are so long-lasting, not to mention incredibly gorgeous. I was blown away by the color pay-off. Retailing for $24 each, I’d say they can be used on an everyday basis. I’ve been putting the pigments on my lids as a base, and then applying matte eyeshadow on top, and it works really well at keeping everything matte and gorgeous.

Next up: the Rimmel bronzer. While this is not necessarily new to Rimmel, it’s brand spankin’ new to me. This can appear a bit muddy if you don’t use a big fluffy brush to apply all over the skin. I’m just looking out for you! I swirl the Real Techniques big multi-task brush into the product, and gently sweep all over my face and focus specifically on the areas I would contour. While I’m no contour queen, I do it gently just to make my face appear contoured but bronzed. This color is awesome, and not too dark for how pale I am in the winter. It’s a nice bronzed look, which I think livens up my complexion.

My favorite new beauty item in this bunch was the Urban Decay liquid lipstick. Honestly, Urban Decay never disappoints. Ever. Many times people ask me what my favorite makeup company is, and every single time I say Urban Decay because they truly have the highest quality products around. There’s no debate about it. The quality, long-wear, pigmentation, and design are all impeccable. I just want to use Urban Decay all over my face. Who could blame me right? While the liquid lipsticks are long-lasting, they also feel so light on the lips which is a huge selling point for me. Some liquid lipsticks feel so drying and just uncomfortable on the lippies but these are not overbearing in the slightest. For $18 each, they’re cheaper than most high quality liquid lipsticks these days so I’d recommend swatching a few the next time you’re at the beauty counter. I used the shade “Naked.”

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Elizabeth Arden hasn’t been mentioned in my neck of the woods before. For some reason, I never tried much from the brand. Just last week I got a lovely package from them featuring this cream gold illuminating highlight and a few lipsticks and eyeliner. The packaging was beautiful, but most importantly the highlight is simply stunning and will do so well for the spring and summer time. It’s a subtle cream touch of highlight, which is so incredibly beautiful. While it’s not the #highlightonfleek crazy look I tend to go for, it is certainly more natural and gorgeous in its own right. I’ve been using this as a first step to add some highlight to my skin, and then I go in with the Tarte Cosmetics Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Volume II. This launched in December so it’s still fairly new, but not as new as the rest of the goodies. For $30, you are getting some seriously pigmented and ridiculously gorgeous highlight that just doesn’t quit. I get so many compliments on my highlight, and it is normally just the fact that I’ve highlighted to no end and it makes me look more awake and ready to take on the day. 

Last, but certainly not least, I have the MAC Warm Neutral Times 15′ eyeshadow palette, which is so incredibly gorgeous because if you watched my eyeshadow palette decluttering video, you know this palette is a typical “Ada palette.” The warm neutrals, with shimmery matte shades is just my weakness, and I already have many palettes that may appear similiar but none quite so beautiful and varying in colors as this one. Just like the typical MAC quality, these are simply gorgeous and look so lovely, while being long-lasting, matte and comfortable on the lids. Plus, you can’t go wrong with MAC eyeshadows because chances are this will become your everyday palette. MAC has a way of doing that to us.

What’s your favorite new item from this round-up? What new items do you have your eyes on?


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