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New York Moments at the Innside New York

This post is in collaboration with the Innside by Melia New York. The hotel provided a complimentary stay during our time in NYC.

Sitting in my hotel room here at the Innside New York, and just thankful for all the opportunities that have been earned over the past few years. There's genuinely something magical about New York City, and it's so hard for me to describe it. It's a feeling, it's not a physical thing I can give you. When it comes down to it, I can tell you that New York City makes me feel good. Doesn't necessarily make my wallet feel good, but hey money can't buy happiness so why save it? The city gives me newfound energy, creative inspiration and there's just more pep in my step. 

From the moment we walked into the hotel, it felt like home. People were hanging out on the couch in the lobby, and the entire ambience was casual and enthusiastic. Lots of people waiting for their Lyft to take them to their next destination. 

Once I checked into my room, it was honestly game over with the bed. I used the bed and the closet for my infinite amount of clothes. This NYFW I brought 3 suitcases which is definitely a record for me (shout out to Kelly for letting me borrow one of her big suitcases) since I wanted to get as much footage in the city as possible. You will all think I'm in New York for another few weeks and I'm 100% okay with that. 

The room had the best amenities including unlimited coffee and espresso (not mad about that) since a lot of events had us out until 9 or 10 PM. Without some much needed caffeine, I can't stay out and socialize for that long. Living my best grandma life!


The staff is honestly the absolute best. Between the team at The Wilson (the restaurant downstairs), the cleaning staff and then the front desk staff, we were just blown away with incredible customer service. 

Part of the reason this New York City experience was so much more positive than previous ones was because the staff was so incredible. Really made it more homey and comfortable overall, which made me so happy and let me accomplish a lot during this long business trip. 8 days is quite the long timeframe when you're having meetings and needing to be "on" the entire time, so it was really nice to come back to home base and just take a minute to frown (LOL) lay in bed for 10 minutes and refresh. 

Between the work I had to do for campaigns, following up before and after meetings with contacts, and then getting new content together, it was a pleasure to go back to the hotel and have no WiFi issues. I got so much work done, and was able to catch up on the Bachelor when I had a few extra minutes (priorities am I right!?) It's part of my content creation research 😉

Where do you stay when you visit New York City? Are you a hotel person?

I always enjoy a hotel because I genuinely want to feel like I'm on vacation and I usually don't have time to cook, so what's the point of a kitchen? I barely made it to meetings on time, so when would I have had time to cook a full meal? I know some people feel like they're missing out if they don't have the full kitchen and dining area, but I was living my best life all week. 

I am walking down the street in New York City, outside Innside New York.

One of the best perks of our location (27th & 7th) was that we were along the way for many Lyft drivers. Anytime I requested a Lyft, they were downstairs waiting for us in a minute or two, which made our crazy schedule so much easier to get through each day. 

When it comes to a long-term stay during your travels, what do you look for in a hotel specifically?

I'd love to know your musts when it comes to booking, because I know we all have different requirements. The Innside by Melia in New York City crossed everything off my list, and then some. I I felt right at home the entire stay.

In this photo, I am looking back at the camera as I walk down the street at the Innside by Melia in New York City.

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I’d love to see more of this hotel when we head back to visit family and friends in NY. Thanks for the recommendation.

I love when in the hotels there is an excellent service, the rooms are beautiful and the food is good. I never stay in expensive hotels, but I try to find something good that fits my budget. The hotel is a very important part to spend a good holiday

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