The Number 1 Lip Balm Right Now

This is a collage featuring a few of the lip balm options, including Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm.

The Number 1 Lip Balm Right Now

August 4, 2021


We test a lot of beauty. By we, I mean Aaron (the Mr) and I. Lip balm is something we obsessively apply and reapply because the dryness in the desert would have me walking around with cracked ass alligator skin. Not in this house. After buying a lot of these lip balms, and being gifted some, these were some of the best of the best. But we all know there can only be one real winner. Which should you buy with your hard earned money? Let's get into it the specifics.

When searching the internet for information about the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, the first thing you are going to notice is the $22 price tag. Seems a little steep when Chapstick is so much cheaper right? What could possibly be the difference?

Not to mention this Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm has some not so great reviews. On first glance, it might be a red flag. However when you dig a little deeper, it's clear a lot of the issues are with the packaging itself. 

I personally love this lip balm, especially as part of my nighttime routine. It's luxurious and a little goes a long way. I lather my lips with it right before bed. Somehow I always manage to squeeze out too much so I'll use the excess on my cuticles. Then, when I wake up, I find there is still product on my lips which is pretty impressive. That's pretty rare for me when using lip products and I like that it's working all night. I also love that they are a clean brand, and this lip balm is vegan as well as cruelty free. It shows that you can use plant-based products and they can be superior to those that don't. The use of shea & murumuru seed butters in the formula is likely the magic sauce for the thick and hydrating formulation. I also love that the vanilla isn't overwhelming.


Summer Fridays uses a standard aluminum cosmetic tube, and I think the reason so much product comes out could be due to the tube. Update as of August 2021: Summer Fridays has launched a new tube for the packaging for their lip balm. With the summer heat on now, my recommendation would be to keep this product in a cool place, as part of your nighttime routine, and be careful with how you squeeze and handle the product. That is what we've been doing and haven't run into many problems. 

Another neat thing about Summer Fridays is that they offer a Recycling Program that recycles your old aluminum tubes. Collect 5 to send back to receive a free gift (reminds me of the age old MAC Cosmetics lipstick tub program.)


What's your favorite lip balm at the moment?

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I’m always so worried about using new lip products of any sort because I’m super allergic to so many ingredients. Soy is found in a lot of moisturizing products – especially lip balms – and I will literally get hives on my face if I use it. No fun! So, I’ve been sticking with just 3 different “flavors” of Chapstick brand for years to avoid any sort of reaction… and I even ended up throwing away all of my colored lip products aside from just one lip gloss because of ingredients as well. It’s a massive bummer. Buuut it looks like this particular lip balm you’re suggesting doesn’t have soy in it. I’m not sure if any of the other ingredients would affect me negatively, but it’s worth a try at some point. I’m glad you shared!

I love a good, moisturizing lip balm! I haven’t tried this one so l’ll need to check it out. Love that Summer Friday’s offers a recycling program-I didn’t know that!