Peter Thomas Roth #WaterDrench Collection

This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum.

When it comes to skin care, you know (you really KNOW!!) I am a total nut. I have far too many products in my bathroom, but I like to try it all and give you a deep dive into what you need. While I’ve been a fan of Peter Thomas Roth for years, I have never tried anything like this brand new dynamic duo.  

This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Collection in a sea of pink flowers.

This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Moisturizer in a sea of pink flowers.

This post is sponsored by Peter Thomas Roth, but rest assured all opinions are always my own and always honest.

In the evenings, I like to take my time with skin care and cleanse my face properly. Sometimes the best part of putting makeup on is taking it off at the end of the day. It’s therapeutic, almost as if you’re washing the day away. When I read that the product is called a cloud cream, I was so excited to try. Because let’s be honest. Anything with the name of cloud in it sounds dreamy and like something you want on your face. Am I right? 

Normally after cleansing my skin, I go in with the water drench hyaluronic cloud serum. It is really concentrated  75% hyaluronic formula which gives some serious hydration to the skin. While I do have oilier skin at different times throughout the year, I also find that my skin tends to want hydration. When your skin is oily, it is usually telling you it needs hydration and since your body likes to take care of itself, your skin tends to produce its own oils. However you don’t want your skin’s oils to jump in because your body typically tends to produce the wrong oils. Especially if you don’t eat the best, because the oils will be formulated from your diet and body fluids. When I tell people this fun fact, they are usually baffled. Of course, everyone’s skin and genetic make is different. so this isn’t necessarily true for 100% of you. This serum retains 1,000 times its weight in water which is obviously an amazing amount of water. Some of the ingredients in the serum, such as sea algae, honey, Yerba Santa and Sodium PCA, help to ensure your skin doesn’t appear dehydrated. aged or environmentally damaged. The formulation is also dry after you rub the product into your skin gently, which I’m a fan of given I don’t like to feel a ton of product on my skin. Retailing for $65, this is a steal given you use only one small pump and gently dab this into your skin. This small bottle will last you such a long time!

If you thought the serum was good, the cream is even more amazing. I know, how does it get any better? This moisturizer is truly like immersing your face into a cloud. It’s so lightweight, cooling and feeling great as you rub it gently into your skin. It’s a 30% concentrated hyaluronic acid cream that gives you a boost of hydration that lasts up to 72 hours. The ceramides lock in the moisture while the ProHyal+® improves the hydration. When your skin is thoroughly hydrated, it looks healthy, more glowy and overall better. Something I say often about consistencies I really enjoy is that it’s not too thick and not too thin. I don’t like slippery types of formulations especially when I’m going to sleep. I want a product that I can work in gently and that feels more on the dry side once I finish my skin care routine. On the other hand, I really don’t want something that’s too thick and heavy because I don’t like that feeling on my skin. Trust me, I’ve tried some products that were so heavy I had to wash it off almost immediately. This consistency is perfection and works well for my preferences and it feels so lightweight. It’s easy to work into the skin and truly gives me a burst of hydration. The next morning I can still feel the cream on my skin. It is oil free, alcohol free and fragrance free. All of which I love given I don’t want oils in my cream, I don’t want alcohol to dry the skin out and I don’t want fragrance so it doesn’t deter me from using the product (I’m super smell sensitive.) Retailing for $52, this is a product you definitely need in your skin care routine.

Wow, that was a whole lot of words for two skin care products but I will always preach skin care to you because it is so important. Honestly I wish I started sooner, because looking back at my college days of not removing makeup and splashing some water on my face (on a GOOD day) I am ashamed I let my skin go so far without giving it the proper care it needed. The earlier you start, the better your skin will look as you age + it feels so good to wash all the makeup off and give your poor skin the proper care it needs. 

What’s your favorite hydrating product?

This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Serum and Moisturizer in a sea of pink flowers.

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This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Serum and Moisturizer in a sea of pink flowers.
This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Moisturizer.
This is a close up of the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Serum and Moisturizer in a sea of pink flowers and a cute black crossbody bag.

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I REALLY need to try this! My skin gets so dry, especially during the winter months. Right now, my skin is just miserably waiting for the weather to turn.

My skin can use all the help we can get! I really need to try this! My skin is dry and wrinkly and I could definitely use help with that LOL.

I had never heard of this brand. I have been looking for a new moisturizer and this sounds like a great brand to try. Thanks!

I have been more careful lately about taking better care of my skin. It really matters when you don’t and then end up with wrinkles, I want to prevent them as long as possible!

I typically use coconut oil for hydrating my skin, but my sister likes to try all kinds of products. I need to get better at using moisturizers on my skin.

My face tends to get dry when I use my acne medication. I have to use it in the summer time or I break out like crazy. This would be perfect.

This looks like a wonderful skincare line. I’m always looking for something new to try .. especially when my skin becomes really dry. I’ll keep it in mind when the moisturizer I have is nearing the end. Thanks so much for your review!

Oooo everything about this line sounds pretty fabulous!!! I have never heard of Peter Thomas Roth, but it looks like I need to get my hands on these products

As I am getting older I need to pay more attention to my skin care routine. I have been lucky to have nice skin my whole life, but I need to try products like this to keep it beautiful as I age. I think I will give this system a try.

I have not heard of this brand before. This looks like a great line of beauty products. I would love to try this.