Phoenix Resort Staycation

Phoenix Resort Staycation

November 2, 2017

Staying Local for a Trip

Last weekend we headed up to Phoenix. It's a pretty quick drive up there for us in Tucson. The main reason we were going was to attend the Lost Lake Festival. This festival is a celebration of Phoenix's community, and "reflects the city’s rich and dynamic culture through a curated selection of arts and entertainment, local culinary offerings, and a highly anticipated music lineup." Since Aaron and I are both huge music fans, it was the perfect excuse to head up to Phoenix and make a weekend of it.

Our first destination was getting to our hotel, settling in, and then getting dressed for the festival. We took our time getting up to the city, and tried to avoid the traffic since it gets bad on a Friday afternoon around 2:30. Everyone seems to be running to their weekend, and by running, I mean they're stuck on the 10 in Phoenix. 

This is a scenic shot of me standing in front of rows of palm trees in a blue floral jumpsuit at the Lost Lake Festival.

Mountain Shadows. 

We stayed at the beautiful Mountain Shadows resort. It is brand spankin' new and absolutely stunning.

One of the first things we came to the conclusion of quickly, was that the resort had incredible amenities. Within the room, not a single detail was missed. There were full size bottles of the toiletries, and the entire line was fabulous. From shampoo, to conditioner, to body lotion, it was all nice and hydrating. You know how I am when a lotion is drying or doesn't get the job done. The wine glasses had an opener next to them and the presentation was beautiful (it is one of my biggest pet peeves when there isn't an opener in my room!)

The detail that really sucked me in was the fact that the makeup towel was black. This is genius, because everything I wipe my face off with a white towel (even after cleansing) I see that not all my makeup was removed and I ruin the white towel. Having a black towel for makeup is so smart, and one of the coolest things I've ever seen a hotel do so kudos to Mountain Shadows for this.

Throughout our stay, we had the pleasure of enjoying the gym twice. That was such a treat. If I had access to a gym that looked like that, I would be working out every single day. Hands down. You know how we love cute workout clothes? They get us excited to go to the gym? Well a really nice gym has the same power I've realized. 

This is a close up of me standing in front of water at the Lost Lake Festival.
This is a view of the bathroom set up with the toiletries and necessities at Mountain Shadows.

The bathtub was serious #GOALS. Do you see this floating tub!? It was right in front of a window so you can look out to the view, see the pool and just enjoy a relaxing bath. Don't worry. The window is tinted from the outside in so no one will see you floating in glee in the tub. Because I was entranced by the room itself, it took me a bit longer than usual to get out the door. 

This is a close up of the floating tub at Mountain Shadows.

Lost Lake Festival

Luckily putting on my brand new jumpsuit (which you all voted for me to KEEP on Insta!) was super easy. I touched up my makeup and we hit up the Lost Lake Festival. 

The music was awesome, and we got to listen to a few different bands on Friday evening. To me, one of the main highlights (this is where the fat kid in me really shines) was the food. We each ordered 2 dinners and split both of them because we wanted to try so many different things. There was green chile pulled pork, deliciously spicy noodles, craft beer and so many options. It was hard to choose what we wanted to eat and drink, but this was fun. We got a few meals and then find a table to get down at, and listened to the music and watched a lot of people walk by. 

Once we ate enough and listened to our hearts' content, we headed back home. Lyft was a sponsor at this festival, which was such a pleasure. In case you didn't know I am Team Lyft, just like I'm Team Edward. We crossed the street from the festival and hopped into our Lyft to get back to our hotel so I can enjoy some wine and a bath in that glorious tub!

This is the close up of the beauty products I used during our staycation.




The next morning, we had brunch downstairs at the Mountain Shadows restaurant. I ordered the egg breakfast and Aaron got some oatmeal. It always make me laugh so hard when the food runner comes to our table and puts the oatmeal in front of me and the real breakfast in front of Aaron. We always have to awkwardly tell them "no, this is his/hers" because they always assume I'm eating oatmeal. Life is too short for oatmeal. Ain't nobody got time for that. Don't get me wrong. I had a vegan chickpea breakfast bowl this morning, but I'm not going to be eating oatmeal on the regular...or really ever

After breakfast, we ventured to the gym, then showered and got ready for the day after some moseying around the property. When a property is this gorgeous, it's nice to actually enjoy the room and amenities of the hotel so that's exactly what we did. 

This is a gorgeous shot of Mountain Shadows in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Once 2 PM rolled around, we started to get dressed since we had quite a fun afternoon and evening planned. First stop was the downstairs hotel bar for some appetizers and cocktails. The food was so delicious, and my mouth is actually watering thinking about that incredible guacamole. I could eat guacamole and chips every single day.

This is me holding my Gucci Marmont bag in front of the Huss Brewery.

Phoenix Ale Brewery

We found ourselves at the Phoenix Ale Brewery, and decided to split a flight of their IPAs. The atmosphere was nice and lively, the customer service was great (love when the bartenders try to engage and chat with the customers from time to time) but most importantly, the beer was tasty. Since we had to make another stop, we cashed out after that flight and took off to the next brewery. 

Huss Brewery

As soon as we walked into Huss Brewery, we felt  a unique vibe and atmosphere. There were all kinds of different groups sitting at tables and up by the bar. Families, couples, friends. All just having a great time and chatting over some delicious beer. 

This time we had the opportunity to try 2 flights of beer. One was specifically IPAs (our favorite) and the second had some Porters and darker options (something Aaron enjoys from time to time.) 

From the moment we walked in, to the moment we left, we really felt a cool unique vibe. The location was awesome, the brewery was clean, the beer delicious and it was genuinely a great time. We enjoyed all the beers so much, that when I went to Total Wine this past weekend, I had to grab more of the Copper State IPA. I recommend it if you like IPAs.

The last thing I will say about this brewing is that it's locally owned which is a huge plus for me. I love drinking local, in my hometown and especially when I travel. It is important to me to find the local talent, and the local delicious goodies. 

Stock and Stable

After we left the brewery, Aaron's long-time friends (wonderful couple) met us and we went to Stock and Stable for dinner. While I didn't get many shots (it was really dark) and we were caught in the moment catching up with our friends. The location was gorgeous, and it lit up the entire block. Something I notice with restaurants and various buildings is the decorations on the outside, as well as the inside. This is a gorgeous restaurant, and lucky for us, there was a badass speaky easy, connected to the restaurant.

Honor Amongst Thieves

We had a table reserved for us in this incredible bar, and the manager at Stock and Stable walked us over to the bar. There was a secret way to get to the speak easy from the restaurant. There is also a back door that patrons can walk in if they're not having dinner at the restaurant, and just want a delicious cocktail. It is really cool, and I love that underground authentic experience. Truly an awesome speak easy. 

Enjoying the brews at Huss Brewery in Phoenix Arizona.

Spa Avania

Easy like Sunday morning. The next morning, we grabbed some smoothies at the hotel lobby bar downstairs, and headed over to Spa Avania, which is at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch. It was so lush, and walking into the Spa was out of this world. From the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave, the ambiance is super relaxing. The spa smells fabulous, the staff is kind and welcoming. 

I had a 60 minute massage, and I got to choose the oil used on my body which was nice. Usually you are stuck with whatever the staff is using (unless of course you have an allergy of some sort) but it was nice to smell each of the 3 options, and pick one. I know I dozed off at some point too, and I always love doing that when I'm getting a massage because it feels great to take a nap while my body's kinks are being worked on and all the pressure if being relieved.

This is an inside photo of Spa Avania at the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale Arizona

We always enjoy our time in Phoenix, because it is fun to go to the city because his sister and several of his childhood friends are up there. It's the perfect staycation for those of us in Tucson, or even further south in Arizona. Going to Phoenix is also always a treat, as there's so many people in the city and so many options for food, entertainment, catch my drift. 

Thank you to Visit Phoenix for planning this incredible itinerary for us based on our combined interests. 

Have you been to Phoenix?