Planning a Spooktacular Halloween Party

in this photo, Halloween cookies are displayed after coming out of the oven.

Planning a Spooktacular Halloween Party

October 24, 2019

Halloween parties are seriously my favorite (but will admit, I am a little biased because my birthday is on Halloween). It's a great time to get creative, and I love seeing everyone in costume. 

Set a time and pick a place, then invite guests. After you do this, the fun part begins! 


If I’m being 100% honest we usually just order pizza or have our favorite restaurant cater. It’s a lot easier and it allows us all to spend time hanging out, rather than crowding the kitchen. We always have some kind of snacks out, like veggies and hummus, seven-layer dips, and jalapeno poppers, and since it’s Halloween, we’ll have a ton of sweet treats. This year I’m making rice-krispie treats and cupcakes with black and orange sprinkles, frosting, and I even found packaging to match the theme. No crazy recipes here, just some help from Betty Crocker! I’m most excited about this and the pizza from our favorite pizza place in town. They make pizzas that are 24” wide, so say no more. 


There are so many different options you can make for your Halloween party, but witch's brew is one of my favorites! It only calls for six ingredients, and it’s super simple to whip up. The pineapple juice and the lime gelatin really compliment each other, and it's not too sweet or citrusy. Be careful when making this, and be sure to never touch the dry ice! 


Games are a really fun way to get people mingling, but it’s difficult to round people up to play. We’re going to try a relay race this year, some of the things we have planned out so far include bobbing for apples, and balancing a pumpkin on a broomstick while running across the yard, we’ll see how it goes! 


I’m not huge on spending money on things that will be ruined or in the garbage the next day, but I must admit I do love a photo opp and balloons. I think there’s a happy medium between being practical while also setting the scene. Amazon Prime has a lot of great packages, and we purchased balloons that spell out “Here for the BOOs”. We picked up some black and orange cups, table cloths, fun napkins, and plates. It's going to be pretty simple, but also on theme which is the goal. 


A great party always has a great playlist. We’ve got a spooky playlist coming your way this weekend.

I'd love to hear your tips for throwing a Halloween party, so share them with us below!