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Plant Based Skincare with Epic Masks

This is a flat lay of Graffiti Collective face masks.

Plant Based Skincare with Epic Masks

May 19, 2020

While I don't particularly search for plant based products, when I find a really good brand that does incredible things, I have to share with you because we're friends. Friends share good finds with one another. Obvi

Hustle & Glow Hydrating Mask

Here's what Graffiti Collective says it does for your skin:

✰ Hydrates skin 

✰ Leaves skin glowy & smooth

✰ Tightens pores

✰ Fills lines like plant-based botox


The make-up of the product is:


Sodium Hyaluronate

Olive oil


African Acacia Tree Sap

Vitamin E


This is the most hydrating mask I've ever put on my skin. Not only does it come on to the skin in a beautiful gold color, it is just super hydrating and a nice medium consistency.  Not overly thick, and not super thin. As the quintessential phrase is from Goldilocks, it is "juustttt right." After using this mask, my skin felt a lot tighter but it did not clog my pores (something I'm always concerned about when it comes to hydration.) It also came off the skin nicely, and didn't require too much tugging which is V ideal. You don't want to have to rub a towel (or a Face Halo in my case) against the skin aggressively for long.

Here's what Graffiti Collective says it does for your skin:

✰ Evens skin tone, reduces redness

✰ Helps reduce breakouts or post shave red bumps

✰ Cleans pores and reveal softer, brighter skin

✰ Works fast (5 minutes!) to fit into your daily hustle


The make-up of the product is:

Kaolin Clay






Sweet Almond Oil


Vitamin E




Oat Protein

This mask is beautiful. It comes onto the skin in this gorgeous pink color (definitely Instagram worth) but it works very quickly. The Kaolin clay helps to reduce redness quickly and significantly. Typically when you do a mask like this, you only want to do it once a week at the most but this mask is gentle enough to be done multiple times a week. That's the difference between plant based products and chemical heavy products. Who would have thought? 

When it comes to the combination of ingredients, the formula helps to clean pores and in turn brings out really soft skin. Not to mention it made my redness and dark spots significantly less the next morning. It calms and cools the skin at the same time.

What's your favorite face mask?

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Think I’ve done more masking during quarantine than ever combined, lol. Have been rotating between couple different Peter Thomas Roth ones and been loving them so far. xoxo, Sarah

Okay, I’ve got to get my hands on that hydrating mask. It sounds spectacular! And I’m all about any mask that adds a glow to my skin! My favorite mask has always been the Origins charcoal mask, but now I want to try out more!

I’ve been doing at home facials since we can’t go out. Love learning about new products. The mask looks delicious!

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