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Pretending to be a Foodie in the Capitol

Now that we’ve exhausted our legs and seen some of the most incredible monuments you’d think I would go through all the museums. Unfortunately we didn’t have an opportunity. After all, we were there for business. 

I do want to share some food that we explored throughout the week. Oh man how I love food

We went to Asian Spice with our client the third night. A choice of theirs so we knew it had to be good! I started off with an Allagash beer, which was my theme for this trip (there’s only a drink designated for each trip I go on huh?) 

I’m not much of a Thai foodie, so I went for something a bit more “normal” to my untrained palette. Also, spicy food is definitely not my forte anymore because it makes me feel sick after about thirty minutes. 

That’s why the cashew chicken was my choice. 

It looks interesting right? The chicken was a bit bland and tasted kind of funny to me. It almost seemed like the chicken would make me sick. THAT awkward taste…remember when Karen in Bridesmaids mentioned the “weird chicken.” That weird chicken is how I felt with this meal. I’m not sure how else to describe it. 

The ambiance was nice and the winding stairs to the second floor were super cool. It’s the little things I tell you! 

Overall the experience was nice, but I would not order another cashew chicken meal. 

The next day was definitely more my speed in terms of food. There was a line up of food trucks right by the building we were training our client. 

Yes…a food truck lineup. One of the most amazing spectacles on this earth. 

After walking from truck to truck to see what tickled our fancy the most, we settled for The Sub Palace. 

Their speciality: the Philly Cheese steak. Oh yeaaaahh philly cheese steak!

Hollyyyy cheese and steak. It was a delicious mix of green peppers, onions, steak, and cheese all placed in a crispy bun. The fries were extremely seasoned but delicious. Just thinking about this sandwich is making my mouth water again. 

Then that evening, we walked a few blocks to a pub that my colleague had visited the last time he was in D.C. with his buddies. 

I took a rushed picture on our way in so it’s not the best quality but it’s called Hamilton’s Bar & Grill

We had a delicious pile of “animal tater tots” at least that’s what I called them. They had cheese, jalapeños, and chili all over them. B.E.S.T. tater tots I ever tried!

Now that I’ve pretended to be a little foodie, I will leave you with a picture of me in front of the Capitol.

D.C. you were fantastic and I am so lucky to have traveled to see our country’s capital!

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