Preventing Before You Are Ready

This is a flat lay shot of Being Prepared with Vagisil®'s new emergency contraceptive product.

Preventing Before You Are Ready

October 14, 2018

This post is sponsored by Vagisil® and Her Campus Media. All opinions are always honest, and always my own. Use as directed. See here for full product information.

Back in my high school days, everyone was always worried about an unexpected pregnancy. I don’t know where you went to high school, but mine was a little crazy. Not sure if being in California had anything to do it, but I really don’t think so. When I got to college, everyone seemed to have some kind of story about a “scare” and how they had to rely on various back-up methods. The fact is that 1-in-2 women may need emergency contraception at some point in her life. Honestly, this seems a bit low in my opinion because virtually everyone I’ve ever met has always had a scare that required an immediate option. Insert the best option for some of my audience readers if you are in a pinch.

Preventeza™ by the makers of Vagisil® is a one tablet, one dose emergency contraceptive that helps stop pregnancy before it starts. As you know, Vagisil® has been incredibly shameless about vaginal health for over 40 years. It’s okay to talk about this TMI stuff, because it’s something we all need to discuss more openly. It’s everyday health, and it’s completely normal to discuss.

I know there are many differing thoughts related to emergency contraceptives, but I stand behind them in the event you have an accident that is unexpected. I’ve always been one to promote pro-choice and especially when you’re young. You don’t want your entire life ruined and stuck to someone just because you made a mistake. I think a reliable emergency contraceptive is a handy tool for that rare occasion when an accident has happened. This is not something I’d recommend long-term, but rather a one-time opportunity to protect yourself and your future.

When it comes down to it, I know not everyone will agree with me but I’m not in the market to have everyone agree with my thoughts. I should be able to make decisions for myself and be selfish when I need to, and in this case, I find this extremely handy in times of need. This is why I wanted to partner with Preventeza™ to ensure you know your options when something unexpected happens, and you need an emergency contraceptive.

Because Preventeza™ has so much expertise in the space and they are simply Shameless About Vaginal Health™, there is not a brand I would trust more when it comes to an emergency contraceptive.

I’d love to hear your stories, questions and personal commentary. You can email me privately at if you’d like to share something with me and do not feel compelled to do so in the comments below.

This is a flat lay shot of the new packaging and information from Being Prepared with Vagisil®'s emergency contraceptive product.