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Proenza Schouler Mangrove Lipstick Review

I just can’t get enough of this particular beauty product…it just makes me feel so feminine. Feminine with a hint of bad-ass as well. MAC has truly outdone themselves with this one.

Look at the beautiful packaging! …but wait, it gets even better. 

Wait for it…

The package of the actual lipstick is the same type of gorgeous as the box that holds it. This just appeals to your visual senses. Heck, I saw this packaging and it only confirmed I needed this lipstick in my life immediately. I was overly excited when the saleswoman handed this to me to show me the packaging. I think I was pegged as an overly excited customer because she looked at me a bit funny when I squealed in excitement about the shade, and then the packaging. It’s okay though; she will remember me because I go in their store more often than most.

The truth is I went into the MAC store to find ‘Lady Danger’ because I’ve heard a lot of beauty lovers raving about that color. After swatching it on my hand and playing around with it for a bit, I just didn’t feel like it was the best shade for me per say. It’s a loud orangeish red, and I was hesitant to get quite so loud because I’ve never rocked an orangeish shade of lip color (besides my new subtle coral shade of Revlon lipstick mentioned in my Spring Newbies.)

After expressing my hesitation, the saleswoman recommended a limited edition lipstick that is made by New York designers Proenza Schouler

Woooww! I can’t stop applying and reapplying. First off, MAC lipsticks smell amazing -way better than any other lipstick I’ve tried. Secondly, this is such a long-wearing lipstick. Thirdly, it’s matte aka the best type of formula for a lipstick! I’m just in love. I don’t think I’ll EVER leave the house without this in my bag. It’s perfect for spring and summer, yet I’ll be able to rock this out around the holidays as well. A well-rounded shade if I may say so myself.

Have you picked up any products from the limited edition MAC Proenza Schouler line? Are you intrigued enough to snag one of your very own ‘Mangroves’ before they’re off the shelves?

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