Protecting my Skin Year Round

Protecting my Skin Year Round

July 5, 2017

This is a compensated endorsement, written by me on behalf of Coppertone®. The opinions and text are always honest and always all mine 

Sun care is something I take very seriously, especially since I live in Arizona. If you’ve been around my blog before, you know that I amalways preaching sun protection. Basically from the rooftops. It is already over 100 degrees day to day, so it is no joke. Sun protection is a necessity if you want to live a healthy life, and take care of your skin. I always think back to my science classes when they told me that my skin was the biggest organ on my body, and helps to protect internal organs from damage. 

Protecting my Skin This Summer


Coppertone has come out with a brand new line called Coppertone® Whipped, featuring 3 new varieties. Textures and consistencies is one of my favorite parts of a product. If it feels good applying it, it is less of a “chore” and just more fun to put on. Coppertone® Whipped is a whipped mousse like texture, and it honestly just blends right into the skin. It’s rich and creamy and honestly feels like I’m putting whipped cream on my body, except it smells like summer. One thing I can say is that this whipped texture truly makes it the most lightweight sun care product I’ve ever tried. It also leaves the skin feeling so smooth and delectable, I mean why wouldn’t you put that all over your skin to protect it? It is reliable sun protection, and the SPF 50 stops up to 98% of damaging UV rays.

 This new collection is available at Target in the sun care aisle. You can take a peek at this coupon which will save you $1 when you choose to grab one of these Whipped products. A dollar here, a dollar there adds up to lots of dollars in the end. Seriously though, I’m the queen of saving dollars wherever I can so I can use that money elsewhere. Every time I go to Target for 1-2 things, I come out with 20 things I didn’t realize I “needed”,  so I encourage you to add this Coppertone® Whipped into your cart. It’s just one additional thing plus there’s a coupon! 

How often do you apply your sunscreen?

Coppertone Sun Protection for the Summer