Reebok Sneakers on Melrose

This is a close up of my Reebok Harmans as I walk down the street.
This is a close up of me tying my shoes

Reebok Sneakers on Melrose

June 26, 2017

How to Rock the Sneaker Style

This post is sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed are always honest and always my own. (PC: Faris Avdic; hair by Tim Morrison

 Over the past few months, I refound my love for sneakers. When I was growing up, I loved sneakers. All sorts of sneakers. I was a tomboy so I have multiple sneakers in multiple colors and styles. We're talking about my old school days now, and it feels eerily long ago. Am I getting old!?

A couple of months ago, I received a few pairs of sneakers and I completely forget how much I loved wearing sneakers. They protect my feet and somehow they always seem to be so much more comfortable than any other shoe. Recently I found the new Reebok Harman sneakers and I honestly could not love them more. They're nice and squishy, while being plenty roomy for my wide foot. 

I've been learning how white sneakers can go with so many outfits, and bring them to the next level. These Reebok Harmans are so comfortable, which is one of the main reasons I want to incorporate them into my everyday lifestyle. 

While I have shopped at DSW in the past, I'll be honest and say that I had not been to a DSW in many years. I decided to go to the one at the Oro Valley Marketplace in Oro Valley (technically a different town than Tucson.) I ordered the shoes online and completed the order so all I had to do when I got to the store was ask them to bring up my order. It was super quick, and the customer service was fabulous. You know I'm all about efficiency so the faster I can get my hands on shoes, the better off I am.


There's a few ways to differentiate the sneaker trend.

1. Sneakers with dresses and skirts.

This makes the sneaker make the outfit a bit more casual, or can class the entire look up depending on the exact sneaker. One of my favorite things about adding sneakers to a dress or skirt look is how cool it looks with such a girly outfit.

2. White goes with everything.

It's much easier to rock and style a pair of white sneakers to an outfit than it is any other color. While they may get dirty first, it is worth the investment to get them in white. If all else fails, you can always whiten the shoes easily through a photo editing app. 

3. Opt for a low top.

Many people have been rocking a high top (sneaker that runs up past the ankle) but I really think the low top is where it's at because it looks significantly better. The low top is chic, casual and much more breathable. It's tough to image having sneakers all the way to my ankles, as there would be no additional benefit to that cut.

 4. Embroidery.

 At the moment, embroidery is very in and specifically, floral embroidery. I've seen a few different sneakers with designs and I love that trend. However, if you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for some embroidered shoes, you can certainly make your own. It's really easy to get DIY with it and decorate your own sneaker.

5. Jeans.

Rocking your sneakers with some distressed denim that is nice and fitted around your ankle is such a nice look too. It gives the outfit some more pizzazz while keeping it nice and casual. 

This is a full outfit OOTD shot featuring the Reebok Harmans with floral designs.

 Rest assured, now that I've found these sneakers they will be all over my Instagram feed and obviously, my feet

I normally wear a 9 1/2, but there weren't any in stock at the location I planned to pick my shoes up, so I went for a 9 which ended up being the better option for me. They are plenty roomy, and the 9 1/2 would have been too big. I'd recommend perhaps size down 1/2 size since these are super roomy. 

This past weekend I headed to Los Angeles as I'll be here until Thursday. I planned a very elaborate schedule with my brother being the photographer. He had never used a DSLR before, and I figured I would have to do some extensive teaching. Although the only thing I ever do is get the right angle, the right light and shoot. I call it simple, but not everyone can make a photo look good. My brother is a mastermind, and I was so happy with all the photos.

 What sneaker trend are you partaking in at the moment? 

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I only wear chucks. But I do love the look of those Reeboks. I had a pair just like that when I was a kid.

Wow that is quite a nice giveaway! I personally could not do without having a clean fresh pair of white sneakers every year and Reebok has been a favorite since I was a young adult! That is a long time by the way!

Where I live it is too hot to wear sneakers right now. So right now my fashion is flip-flops. In the winter I usually wear athletic shoes. Those do look very comfortable so I may have to look into them because it will need new ones this winter.

SO CUTE! Love the sneakers and you reminded me I need a new pair. Mine are pretty worn out. Love the cute clutch purse too.

I love the clean look of these Reebok Harman sneakers. They would be great for summer. I have been wearing a lot of different colored converse lately.

I desperately need to get myself some sneakers! Now that I’m pushing around two tiny kids in a stroller I really should get appropriate footwear. 🙂 These white ones are super cute!

Love, love the whole look! That floral bag is fabulous! I need to get those Reebok! 🙈

Sneakers and I love each other so much! So comfy and great for your feet. These are absolutely fabulous and fashionable! That bright white is my favorite.

Reebok are such a tried and true brand! I love white sneakers something about them are so fashion forward.

Those sneakers are so cute, they really do go well with anything. I have the need for new sneakers and my kids do too, going to take a peek at this option! Fingers crossed I win the giveaway 🙂

I love Reebok and these sneakers are so pretty! Loved the way you’ve styled your outfit especially that cute top 🙂

I love Reebok sneakers, they are so comfortable and look so cute with so many outfits! I have a few different colors so I can add them when I want to wear a skirt but stay casual

Reebok has been for a long time my favorite shoes. I have a pair of them that I have had for years. They are the most comfortable tennis shoes that I have ever owned.

I haven’t seen these shoes in a very long time. Reeboks were my favorite as a kid. They were comfy and fit my foot well.

Reebok is a great company. I’ve never had a problem with their shoes. They are always comfortable, and they are extremely durable.

Rebebok is a classic shoe that never goes out of style. I always look to them first when searching for a new shoe for my fitness classes.

This is really a cute outfit and I love the white sneaker with it. The Reebok Harman sneakers sound like something I will have to check out because I need a great pair of sneaker that I can wear with anything and of course for the comfort. Thanks for sharing this great outfit

This looks like a nice pair of sneakers. I pretty much don’t wear anything but Reebok sneakers, they are always comfortable even when I have to do a lot of walking. .

I used to have a pair and they are not only good looking but comfy too! I should get another pair ; )

Forget the sneakers. That bag is CUTE! So fab! The sneakers look great too but I couldn’t get my eyes off the bag.

Reebok does cute sneakers and you look absolutely gorgeous. The sneakers are a cute addition. I am just not sure I would love white as it would get too dirty too quickly.

I love that bag!! I am never very good at styling running shoes with other clothes but I definitely want to try and be more adventurous when styling

I’m a sneakers type of gal I wear it almost every day any season of the year. Comfy and stylish I wear it anywhere I go.

Sneakers are my favorite to style with street style outfit! They not only looks trendy but creates a signature style!

Oh thank goodness. I totally need some new running shoes. I want to go for walks but my current shoes actually hurt my feet so I have been putting them off. Which is not good for my waistline.

I am totally a sneaker person! I love new, unique sneakers and these are SO cool!!

I love the look of these shoes! And this giveaway sounds awesome! I’ll have to check out a pair of these for myself!

Love the ideas that you have got going for wearing these sneakers with! They will look great with embroidered outfits, and also with a lot top! Your look is great!

White sneakers is a good addition to a wardrobe. It does go well with denim skirts and pastel colored tops. I love how you paired your white sneakers with your embroidered blue top and white skirt! Oh, and your purse is lovely too.

I love that all white Reebok sneakers. I have an all white pair, only it is a different brand. White would go well with any attire.Oh I love the flower embroidery on your blouse. That’s really cute.

I need a good comfy pair of sneakers. I haven’t had any in a long time. I do enjoy reebok, I will have to get some new sneakers!

You cannot beat the quality of Reebok. I have worn them for years! And you always need a white sneaker in your wardrobe.

White sneakers are a classic! I remember wearing white Keds in high school and feeling like I was so trendy.

Who wouldn’t choose a comfortable pair of sneakers over any other footwear. You had some great ides but I am a minimalist jeans and sneakers is just fine by me.

I love Reebok, that was the very first brand of rubber shoes I bought from my first earnings. It lasted for more than five years of regular use. I am glad that reebok still has new styles to offer.

Those are some great looking kicks! Reebok has been my favorite sneaker brand for years and years. I love them.

I’m so glad that sneakers are in so instyle right now. It’s great to be fashionable and comfortable

I am not a huge Reebok fan. These looks super fresh and comfortable though.

Reebok is tried and true and will be around for a long time. Love the brand and this one looks awesome