Revolve Summer 2021 Try-on Haul - adaatude

Revolve Summer 2021 Try-on Haul

Ada is wearing the Elliot Shirt Dress from Camila Coelho, which she purchased from Revolve.

Revolve Summer 2021 Try-on Haul

July 12, 2021


I have to admit I have really been feeling all the summer clothes this year. Crop tops, cute dresses, fun colors, tassels, you get the drift. There's something about summer clothes that just really makes you want to be comfortable, but also stylish and chic.

*Revolve kindly gifted me this haul, but this is not a paid partnership and I have no obligation to post. All links included in this post are affiliate links, meaning I make a small percentage of commission from anything purchased. It's a small thank you for a sale I've encouraged.

Marjorelle Mia Mini Dress

The fabric on this dress is so comfortable and soft on the skin. It is short, and does need some tightening in the straps if you have bigger boobs. It would work really well underneath a denim jacket, especially if the temperatures get cool where you live. I will say that if I bend over there's definitely going to be some ass out, so you want to be careful if you're over 5'5 and ordering the medium or small. The large would have likely covered a bit more but the fit would have been much looser 3/5

L'Academie Ophelia Button Down Top

Gorgeous tan button up top, with material that is super breathable on the skin. Perfect to cover up from the sun during the daytime since you know I do not play with the sun. It's especially important to cover the neck and chest area, since that skin is really thin and tends to age quickly so try not to overexpose it to sun too much.

When it comes to summer wear, it's so important that it's lightweight but still offers a little sun protection, which is why I've really fallen in love with this particular top. Not to mention it's very versatile and can be worn in other seasons too. We love a good multifaceted piece that can be dressed up or down and can also be worn throughout the year. Cost per wear is a real thing okay? 5/5


Lovers + Friends Prespa Romper

Truly the easiest outfit to throw on. Makes you look like you have your shit together and it is so comfortable. I know it's all fun and games until you have to pee but it's so easy to drop this on and off, you're in for a treat. It also looks like you tried a lot harder than you actually did, and it's V chic for nighttime 5/5

Tularosa Erynn Mini Dress

A light mint green color is the one for summer. It's girly, fun, and the off the shoulder element of this dress is super cute. When I saw the fabric, I thought it would be itchy but it is not at all and the off the shoulder situation doesn't get in way. Sometimes with OTS you have to keep hoisting it down, because at some point that sleeve ends up ridiculously high 4/5

Solstice Halter Tie Top

If you're into the night scene (in any city) this is the perfect top to add to your cart. When it comes to chic, classy and sexy, this is definitely the perfect combination of all the above. It's easy to put on and I will tell you it can be worn multiple ways. I rocked it as a crop top, so you can get creative with how you style it since it is so versatile 3.5/5

SIXTHREESEVEN Vintage Graphic Tee

We love a good vintage tee, especially when they're this cute and comfortable. I also do not say comfortable lightly. I feel like every influencer will tell you things are the most comfortable thing since clothes were invented, but this is a fluffy tee, in comparison to the cheaper very thin fabrics I'm used to seeing from fast fashion brands. SIXTHREESEVEN has really blown me away in terms of the quality. Soft fabric that is breathable and light on the skin, aka it doesn't make me sweat like every other piece of clothing does. Since this is my usual summer uniform, I love having cuter options to rock with my denim shorts 5/5

SIXTHREESEVEN Vintage Graphic Tee x 2

I had to grab two tees knowing the fabric is so soft and breathable. After realizing how comfortable it is, I'm so glad I got two. Yes you can get a graphic tee for $5 and I have plenty of those, but the material is shitty and there's usually a hole in the tee a few wears in. It just doesn't compare. Sometimes spending a little extra gets you this nicer quality IMO 5/5

Everly Knit Hoodie + Everly Knit Short

This set is so cute. It's see-through. A little risqué. Sexy, but chic. I think it's great to throw over a bathing suit or workout attire. Imagine running on the beach, it's slightly wet or misting (aka every morning in the Beach Cities of California) or you want to throw something on over your suit as you walk from pool or beach to your hotel room. Or beach to a restaurant. You know what they say, "no shirt, no service" so you definitely want to have a little something to throw on even if it doesn't really cover up too much. The beauty of this set is that it gives you a bit more sun protection so if your shoulders are getting burned, you can throw this hoodie on to give yourself a bit more relief 4/5

What's on your summer shopping list?

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This is great inspiration! I’m living in shorts, tank tops and sandals! It’s been so hot! I’m not complaining I’ll take it any time. Now to get some things together so I can visit all my vaccinated people! Looking forward to more content from you Adaleta!

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