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Rocking Eye Masks

This is a close up of eye masks from ViiCode.

If you can’t already tell, I’ve been a bit obsessed with under eye masks, creams and the likes. I’m trying to take the absolute best care of my under eye area, because now is the time to hold that aging off.

This is a close up of the packaging of the eye masks from ViiCode.

This post is sponsored by VIICode As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

These oxygen eye masks specifically designed for dark circles, from VIICode, are meant to be worn for eight hours. After cleansing and moisturizing your face in the evening, you will gently stick one of these underneath each eye and leave on while you’re sleeping. They are natural, alcohol-free and non-irritating even for my sensitive skin. Each box contains six treatments (meaning 12 eye masks) and they are  individually wrapped, which is handy if you’re traveling and only need to take one set. 

Now when it comes to the benefits, these will help combat dark circles under and around the eyes, so you look refreshed which is really important nowadays. While we all get a little less sleep, and spend more time on our laptops, it’s really important to hydrate that area and take good care of it. Like I always say, the under eyes usually show signs of aging first. Along with dark circles and brighter skin, it minimizes the appearance of damage and aging that’s already happened, making it slightly less prominent. It also helps to firm up the skin, and make it look tighter.

The key ingredients are awesome. Grapeseed oil is a known ingredient that works in anti-wrinkle clinical trials. It also helps firm up the skin which makes it quite the powerful add-on in this formula.

While I do not like to eat seaweed, I do like to put it on my face! It helps your skin fight all the bad chemicals and grossness that comes with a long day, especially if you live in a big city. All the smog, dirt, chemicals, etc are floating around, so seaweed helps to keep those toxins at bay while helping with the hydration of your skin cells.

Last key ingredient is white tea which is huge when it comes to keeping you hydrated and helping with longer moisture retention.  This will help keep those fine lines less prominent.

When it comes to the research behind these, here’s what VIICode found:

99% of women agreed skin is instantly refreshed

93% saw an improvement in radiance

90% of women agreed dark circles and puffiness eliminated

89% of women satisfied with the results

85% said eye skin becomes brighter and more even complexion

*based on an random survey of consumer perception study of healthy women aged 23-55

To me, that is impressive research and proof that these masks do work. Each box of 6 treatments is $58 USD, which makes each overnight mask approximately $9.60. If you purchase the oxygen eye masks here, you’ll get free shipping too!

Are you using eye masks? What’s your favorite under eye remedy?

This is a photo of me wearing under eye masks on my face.

This is a close up of the ViiCode eye masks.

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