Rocking NYFW with Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step™ Insoles

Rocking NYFW with Dr. Scholl’s® Stylish Step™ Insoles

September 8, 2017

I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

This is my first year at New York Fashion Week, and honestly, I could not be more excited to visit New York City during such an incredible time. I can feel the energy in the air, humidity from people running by and I feel the excitement from my fellow bloggers. We’re waiting in anticipation to see our favorite designer, attend late night get-togethers, drinks delicious cocktails, and have all the fun in the city that truly never sleeps.

This is a close up of the packaging for Dr. Schools Stylish Step Insoles.

This is a close up of a black heel and my Gucci Marmont bag.

This is a close up shot of my legs with the black heels with the insoles from Dr. Scholls.

Because this is my first year, I knew I did not want to be uncomfortable when it came to my attire. Most importantly, I’m going to be myself. That’s the biggest piece of advice longtime NYFWers have given me. Don’t dress and wear something you’re not comfortable in, wear comfortable but trendy shoes and just do you. This is exactly why I am rocking two of my favorite trends this week, and Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ insoles are helping ensure my feet are not toast by the end of the week.

When it comes to trends, the fashionable sneaker is totally back in business. Because I love to be comfortable, yet still a little trendy, I tend to gravitate to a plain white sneaker. With the tone of my skin, the white is a nice contrast that has a special pop. Especially if I’m wearing something colorful, whether that be my top or some accessories. The Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ Extended Comfort Insoles for Flats are available for sizes 6-10, making them incredibly versatile and available for most sizes. These insoles make my sneakers so much more comfortable, and they are now more wearable through the long day ahead. I know NYFW is going to test my energy, and the ability to smile for 16 hours straight. Of course we will end up walking a few miles each day between coffee, shows, shopping, etc., so adding these insoles is making the experience that much easier. In addition, no matter how comfortable the shoe, I always seem to have an issue with my feet because they’re wide and very flat. These insoles give me a bit more support making my feet hurt less even in the most comfortable of shoes. If you’re really looking to “wow” the people, add some floral embroidery to the sneaker. You can always buy some Gucci floral sneaks or just DIY your way to your own floral embroidered pair.

The next trend that is always in is heels. They are a fabulous shoe option for evening events and dinner parties. These are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever found, but what makes them so much more comfortable is the Stylish Step™ Ball of Foot Heel Liners for Women. These are little inserts that go right up against the inside of the heel so the back of each foot does not get blisters. These are so easy to slip in your heel and they make a world of difference. Without a doubt, I can wear the heels for hours longer than I used to be able to, which is a huge relief. It was a waiting game before. How long until a blister pops up? Now I’m not getting blisters because these inserts are protecting that area. They also keep the shoe from slipping. It is life-changing, especially if you tend to wear a lot of heels. For someone like me, who was so scared to ever wear them, I am beyond excited to have these insoles in my life because I will definitely be wearing more heels.

Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ line is available at Target (my favorite!) right by the pharmacy in the footcare aisle. Right now you can get 10% off with Cartwheel! Find out more here. The entire premise around their product is that you can last longer in your day with the utmost comfort, while looking great in the shoes you love.  

What makes your shoes more comfortable?

Close up of the White Sneakers featuring Dr. Schools Stylish Step Insoles on the inside.