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Seattle: Pike Place Market

The infamous Pike Place Market in Seattle. 

There’s more seafood and more fresh fish here than you could possibly imagine.

Some scary looking fish too!

Desserts of all sorts!

Did I mention seafood already? It’s fresh (most likely caught that day) and looks impeccable!

Along with an abundance of seafood, there is every fruit and veggie you could possibly dream up.

Beautiful bouquets for $5 and $10! I am sad these deals are nowhere back home.

After some perusing, we were a bit starved and found Cafe Campagne.

Where we decided to have “dinner” for lunch! I’m not complaining and neither should you 😉

Let’s take a moment and appreciate this incredibly cooked steak for what it is: AMAZING!

After that, I felt like someone needed to roll me out of the restaurant. Luckily I walked it off.

We went for a stroll down to the port, and decided we wanted some Great Wheel action.

It was a bit rainy, but we certainly made the most of it.

What an adventure! After Pike Place, we slipped back into the hotel for a few to freshen up.

Next on the list of to-dos was a very popular dinner spot called RN74

I tried a few new things that I normally wouldn’t dare touch. One being foie gras.

Some bone marrow.

…With my entree being a deliciously sweet, tangy, and crisp salmon.

To be honest, everyone’s dishes looked amazing and the experience was very nice.

If you’re in Seattle and it’s a special occasion, I highly recommend booking a table. You won’t regret it!

Have you been to Seattle? Better yet, have you been to Pike Place Market?