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Sephora Lip Stains

A bit of a recent obsession, but an obsession nonetheless. Sephora’s Cream Lip Stains. Need I say more?

I started off with the shade 01 Always Red and went back for more because I loved the red so much. Then I ended up with 09 Endless Pink. These are $13 each at Sephora and as you can probably tell, they are Sephora brand. Truly a marvelous product and better than any of the other lip stains that the beauty world may have thrown onto the market.

The applicator is user-friendly, but I do need to warn you to make sure the same amount of product is applied to all parts of your lip because once this product dries, it will be very evident if less was placed in one area. You will then need to apply more to even it out and then you get into an over-application game. Trust me, be attentive and careful in the beginning and you will be quite happy with the results! 

The shade 09 Endless Pink is a cheaper dupe for KAT VON D’s Bachelorette Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick. Bachelorette is $19 at Sephora. The Sephora Lip Stains use avocado oil (something I haven’t seen in many products) in order for the product to transform from a liquid state to a dry powder state. Very interesting if you ask me!

These swatches are from two swipes.

Bonus– they are so long-lasting and will survive food, drinks, and even kisses! Truly the most long-lasting lip product I’ve ever tried (over all lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, lip anything.) I highly recommend.

Which shade will you be picking up?