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Sigma Beauty Products (New to my Collection!)

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Although I’ve known about Sigma Beauty for quite some time, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually gotten my hands on a few of the brushes and products. 

Recently, I was sent a couple of goodies from the lovely people at Sigma and I have to say that I am beyond impressed with the items I have tried thus far.

Here’s the list (left to right pictured above)

Blending E25 brush

Medium Sweeper E54 brush

Diffused Crease E38 brush

3DHD Kabuki brush

Brilliant Shimmer Cream

2X Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

Now my favorite thing out of this little haul is the 3DHD kabuki brush. I snapped about this (username is just ‘Adaleta’ so make sure to add me) and I told you that I like this brush MORE than the beauty blender which I had been using for months before this brush came into my life. I honestly can’t express how impressed I am and I highly recommend it over any other foundation brush. The shimmer cream adds a luminous glow to the cheeks and it’s quite subtle. I find it quite beautiful on the tops of the cheeks for a lovely luminous glow. This spa glove is going to be a dream come true when I wash my brushes this weekend. As for the eyeshadow brushes, don’t even get me started. We all know that Sigma kills it with each brush and I honestly can’t rave about them enough. 

If you’re interested in a discount, I have a 10% code for you ‘INNOVATINGBEAUTY’ As always, there’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything but I do like to share these discount codes just in case you decide to purchase something I’ve reviewed and recommended. 

Do you own any Sigma beauty products? What’s your favorite?

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Disclaimer: Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive products as PR samples. This post is not sponsored. All opinions and comments are honest and my own.

26 replies on “Sigma Beauty Products (New to my Collection!)”

To be quite honest, I think it IS the way the brush is shaped (it’s odd) because the middle is the longest part and every time you put the foundation on, it’s almost like you’re going over the area twice with each swipe because of the shape. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s very very effective & it applies the product flawlessly! xx

I really need some new brushes. I have been using the same ones over and over and never wash them or anything eeeek!

xoxo Amanda

You don’t wash your brushes? Don’t tell me that! I have to come to Dallas just to wash your brushes for you 😉 xx

If you try any of them, make sure to let me know so we can compare which brushes are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves! What kind of brushes do you have now? xx

Thanks for adding me on Snap! I honestly have so many brushes, but I never feel like it’s quite enough. How could I? I mean every brush has its own strengths so I can’t discriminate. I just need to buy them all 😉 xx

Great post lady!! Im always learning about new products and brands from you! Im in the market for some new brushes so this couldn’t have been timed more perfectly! Thank you as always for sharing!!


I’m glad you enjoyed, I’m always in the market for new brushes…lol. These are definitely top dogs in the brush game! xx

I’m usually not the biggest kabuki brush fan to be quite honest, but this one with it’s 3DHD business is so good I can’t resist using it every day. I’m on the same page as you though because I always heard good things about Sigma but just never took the plunge and got many of their brushes or products so I’m new to them but loving the quality! xx

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