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Skin Care Travel Essentials FT. Colleen Rothschild

This is a gorgeous shot of the entire Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection on a tray in the new Yotel Hotel in Boston.

Skin Care Travel Essentials FT. Colleen Rothschild

July 24, 2017

My Travel Skin Care Favorites

If you follow along on Instagram, you know I was recently in the New England Area. During the last few days of our trip, we stayed in the brand new Yotel Hotel in Boston, harbor side, which was an amazing experience. 

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Colleen Rothschild. 


While I took my Raden 28 inch suitcase with me, I have been trying to downsize because taking a huge suitcase is such a pain in the ass. When it comes to beauty and skin care, I would say that those two are always the ones that weigh the most. Pretty sure my makeup bag weighs 20 pounds on its own…but seriously. One of the best ways to downsize is to have travel size skin care, and it’s important that it’s your favorite skin care products. When your skin goes into a new place, it will likely freak out a bit due to the changes. That’s why I’m a big believer of using products you know work for your skin because otherwise you’re adding additional stress to it.

Colleen Rothschild has been one of my all time favorite skin care brands for years now, but I found they had a travel set which is absolutely perfect for taking all the skin essentials with you when you travel. It’s also cost-efficient considering Colleen is luxury!

This is a collective shot of the Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection which is the perfect travel skin care set.


When it comes to taking makeup off at night, I always opt for a makeup remover wipe but then I really want to use a balm to cleanse my skin to its very core. This balm works well and is very moisturizing which is perfect for the drier skin that needs a little more TLC. It gives that spa-like experience without being overly greasy and obnoxious, making it quick and easy to get rid of the makeup.


When it comes to exfoliating, the dual enzyme polish is a great product for this. I like using a small dollop and gently spread it across my skin to do a gentle exfoliation. It’s not grubby and it doesn’t make my skin turn bright red, which is always ideal when it comes to exfoliation.


As a daily moisturizer, I love using the sheer renewal cream. It’s the absolute perfect consistency, and applies so easily. It’s also great underneath your makeup, and doesn’t make your makeup slide all around your face. This cream gives you that perfect weightless hydration while helping with new cell turnover. This in turn helps to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, which I am all about as you know. 

The extreme recovery cream is absolutely perfect for skin that’s dehydrated, and seeking some additional TLC due to climate changes. For example if you’re going from a humid place to a dry destination, you would do well to pack the recovery cream. If you’re going to a beach destination where you’ll be in the sun for hours, and swimming in chlorinated water, it would also do you well to take the cream. It will help revitalize that skin when it gets super dry.

Because I live in a dry climate, I never leave for a trip without a face oil of some kind. I still get lots of questions about the use of oil when someone’s skin type is oily. While I am not a dermatologist, doctor or skin care expert, I’ve had a lot of practice with skin care products and many conversations with professionals regarding oils on oily skin. Mainly because I used to have the oiliest skin on the face of the earth. My explanation for face oil is that no matter what type of skin you have, you want to be applying face oil somewhat regularly especially if you’re in a dryer climate. Face oil from skin care companies is the oil you want to have on your skin, which will help your skin produce less of the oil it produces which is oil you do NOT want on your face. That greasy oil from your skin’s own production is what causes breakouts, but applying this face oil from Colleen Rothschild is not going to do that for you because you will apply a very light layer to your skin.


When it comes to a perfect mask on the go, the clarifying detox mask is perfect for pulling out the pollution, dirt, toxins, etc. which your skin is going to take in during your vacation. This will help keep your skin free of those toxins throughout your stay. I also find that if we have a nice dinner or a certain event planned, I really like doing this mask the night before or the day of a few hours before; that way my skin is detoxed and ready for a fresh layer of makeup for the event.


The skin care essentials from Colleen Rothschild.
This is a close up of



All of these products can be found in travel size in the Discovery Collection. In addition to all the products mentioned, you will find get this gorgeous makeup bag and a muslin cleansing cloth. The perfect set for all of your skin care needs, and it will take little to no room in your suitcase and it can go in a carry-on given everything is travel size friendly. The entire collection is $90, and you can always sign up for their newsletter to get 20% off your purchase making this set $72. Personally I think it's a steal, but it comes down to the value of skin care for you. 

I've been getting lots of messages asking me if I believe in skin care or is it's a hoax and we don't really need it. I wholeheartedly believe skin care is something you need in your life. Too many products aren't good for you, but using generic soap on your face is awful (again not a dermatologist) but the thought of using a bar of soap on my gentle skin sounds like a nightmare. Colleen Rothschild is genuinely a brand I love and would stand behind any day of the week. If you haven't tried her products yet, you're in for a treat.

What are your favorite skin care travel essential?