Sleeping Better Every Night with Tuft & Needle

Sleeping Better Every Night with Tuft & Needle

February 17, 2019

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by, Tuft & Needle.

I’ll admit, when I mentioned that we’d be getting a new bed, Aaron and I were both nervous. We’d had the same bed for over 6 years, so it’s hard to want to switch. It’s mostly fear of the unknown right? Since I had heard so much about Tuft and Needle (they are Phoenix based after all) I knew I wanted to give them a try. My best friend (yes you should all know Kelly by now) had told me that her mattress was super comfortable and so I decided to give Tuft and Needle a chance.



Personally one of the strongest recommendations always comes from family and friends you really trust. This is why I wanted to tell you about our absolute favorite sleeping experience. I’ve had a few mattresses over the years, and like I mentioned earlier, the one before Tuft and Needle was super comfortable for us. That’s why we thought there was simply no way anything could be more comfortable.

Let’s also start this part of the story by telling you that I am not good with putting furniture together. I’m the worst. Literally. So to get a box with a mattress in it made me nervous. The bed frame and the box spring were already set up as our furniture was delivered earlier in the day, and then I put the mattress on the box spring along with the mattress protector. There’s something so nice about a mattress protector because you don’t end up being worried about spilling or ruining the mattress itself. I’m definitely not the eat-in-bed type of person (the thought of any crumbs in my sheets freaks me out) but I do take wine and water with me when I sit on the bed to work. Imagine if wine permanently stained the mattress. This is why the protector was so important for us.

Most mattresses are comfortable to some degree. If you get the right settings for your comfort, you’ll usually like it. However when I melted into the mattress the right day, I ended up taking a 2 hour midday nap. I had no idea that I was so tired, but the bed just melted around my body and I was out. Genuinely so comfortable, and I wrapped the linen sheets around me. I could have definitely stayed asleep through the night, so it was a testament to the comfort of the bed. Every night since we got this mattress, it’s been a good night of sleep. It is crazy to know that I wasn’t not that comfortable before; something odd used to happen to me with the previous mattress we had. If I ever ended up sleeping on my stomach, it would give me a stomach ache, and I’d wake up in the middle of the night in pain. What an odd thing to happen right? Since switching to this mattress, this has not happened once. The only problem is Aaron stealing the sheets, so I would recommend getting two sets so you don’t end up ripping them back in the middle of the night and causing a quarrel 😉

We also decided to get a pouch, which is kind of like a beanie bag (just as a reference) but it’s the most comfortable seat in the house. Absolutely no doubt about that.

I am opening the Tuft and Needle Pouch .

We had a California King beforehand, and we still went with the California King size. I’m honestly not sure why Aaron had opted for a California King previously, but I have no issues with it since it still gives us space and my feet never hang off the bed (which my mom used to tell me was bad luck and something could grab your feet… superstitions galore!) In case you’re wondering the difference between a King and a California King, a King is wider and not as long.


King: 76 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long; it is about 16 inches wider than a queen.

California King: 72 inches wide by approximately 84 inches long; this is the longest mattress but it does lack the 4 inches in width.

These pillows are the most comfortable we’ve ever owned. The memory foam adheres to your head shape, and it is so comfortable. How many times can I say comfortable? There’s something so natural about the king pillows and we enjoy the length of the pillow, especially since we got the California King bed. 2 pillows cover most of the width of the bed, so it’s definitely ideal for two people because we always have a good base for our heads. Between the mattress protectors, the sheets, the duvet cover and the duvet insert, our entire bed was completely decked out in Tuft and Needle and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

You are due for an upgrade in your sleep!