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Spring Newbies

I’ve done a bit of shopping the past few weeks. A lipgloss here, a nail polish there.  Can’t ever hurt right? Grab a glass of something delicious and come check out some of my spring newbies! 

A beautiful sight indeed. New products are just so very exciting. It’s probably why the beauty industry does so well every day. We love the thrill of handing our money over for products that make our lips bright, our skin nicer for everyone to see, and polishes so our nails are colorful.

I went into CVS to find Essie’s ‘cute as a button’ polish based on Essie Button’s mention of it a few weeks ago. After looking through the lighted display of Essie polishes, I also picked up ‘turquoise & caicos’ because it really appealed to me as a darker mint color. 

I heard about Revlon’s new Colorburst Matte Balms from Allison a few weeks ago and had to try the specific shade of ‘Unapologetic.’ I also found this gem pictured above called ‘Elusive.’ These balms are amazing because they glide right on the lips and last for hours. They also have a somewhat minty scent to them, so they feel really good on the lips. 

I’ve heard a lot of hype around the new NYX lip products, and since I’d recently bought a NYX butter lipstick I decided to go for these lip glosses as well. I got two shades (#2 Candyland and #6 Pinky Nude.) My favorite of the two is ‘Pinky Nude’ because it’s a much more wearable shade of pink that’s better for everyday makeup, whereas ‘Candyland’ is a bright pink that needs the right outfit and accessories to complement it.

Here is Essie’s ‘cute as a button’ polish which is a pink with a hint of coral color.

This one isn’t necessarily a “newbie” because I’ve had it since my birthday (thanks again Sofia!) but it’s such a beautiful shade of pink with a slight hint of glitter that really shines after a few hours of wear. This is Yves Saint Laurent’s lipstick in #13 Rouge Volupte Shine. The packaging is the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen on a lipstick and I bet that’s what hikes up the price of each of these lipsticks. 

I’ve talked about Revlon’s Super Lustrous glosses in the past because I loved and swore by the shade ‘Berry Allure’ and I’ve found another incredible shade: Pink Pop! These lip glosses are extremely hydrating and they really stay on the lips even after you’ve stuffed your face with food. They have a lasting stain effect that is maintained for hours. The colors in the line are all gorgeous as well. 

Are you starting to see a trend here with the lip products? Revlon’s really done great with their products and is probably one of my favorite drugstore makeup lines at this point. Because Ulta had a ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ deal, I decided to get two lip glosses (Berry Allure replacement & Pink Pop) which left me the option of choosing any of the other Revlon products. I decided to go for a lipstick in the shade ‘Lovers Coral.’ I was a little hesitant about getting this shade because I have never tried an orangeish red shade of lipstick, and I wasn’t sure it would even look good.  Low and behold, this formula is not a bright overbearing consistency but rather a light one that gives you just a little pop of coral on the lips. Brilliant!

I’ve previously relied on the Magic Lumi Concealer in the shade medium, but again because Ulta had a ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ deal I decided to go for a replacement for the concealer but also grabbed their highlighter so I could compare the differences. This highlighter is also in the shade medium and it is definitely a highlighter which is perfect under and around the eyes. It lifts that area more than the concealer and has helped me realize highlighter makes more sense that concealer around my eyes.  

Another Essie Button recommendation, but quite possibly the greatest bronzer of all time: The Body Shop’s Bronzing Powder in the shade #3 medium matte. As you can tell, the bronzer has a cute honeycomb pattern over it. The compact is cute with its own little mirror so you can easily make touch ups throughout the day without needing a bathroom mirror. 

Now this makeup product is amazing. Absolutely amazing and I am so happy with it. L’oreal has a True Match super blendable makeup product that is in liquid format. I picked a shade from the warm line and more specifically nude beige. It also has SPF 17 which is helpful for the few times I’m scooting outside during the day. I pour some of the product on the top of my hand and use my Real Techniques sponge to apply all over my face. 

I will be applying this to my nails shortly because I’ve worn ‘cute as a button’ all week!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your spring newbies?

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