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Street Style Trend for my NYFW


Street Style Trend for my NYFW

February 14, 2018

My Style During NYFW F/W 2018

Photos were taken by Julia O Test.

During my 8 days in the city, a couple of pieces really called out to me on a more consistent basis. It was clear to me that I loved the OTK (over the knee) gray boot, pink coat (faux fluff style but also the long style) and a hairstyle with braids.

The Hair

My first hairstyle of the week was a loose curl look featuring two braids - a small one on the right close to my ear (that could be tucked behind my ear) and then a thicker braid pulled back from the front to the back on the left side. I got this styled at Ion Studios in New York City, using the incredible Davines product line. Not only did my hair look incredible (shiny, healthy, voluminous), it felt so incredibly soft. The braids were so beautiful and really opened up my face. Towards the end of the week, I dropped into Dry Bar to get a blowout and again some loose curls. I could not leave without another braid. This would be a thicker braid on the left side being pulled away from my face. There’s something so beautiful about my face shape being exposed and the hair just being pulled back. It seems to class up my entire look overall, and just open up my eyes. Not to mention I want to flaunt my makeup which became incredible after a little makeup date at NARS.



The Coat

The pink was out this February, and I am so not sorry. At first I was doing it because I wanted to go for a pink feed, but then I realized it was absolutely ridiculous to base all my outfits and life on the idea of having something pink in EVERY single single shot.

Although I brought this pink faux fluffy jacket with me (purchased here), I just couldn’t decide between this style and the long coat. I felt the fluff did a lot better with dresses and classier looks, but the long coat did a lot of classing up when it came to jeans. I definitely didn’t mean for the long coat to be pink. It was a piece I saw from afar during a gifting suite at NYFW. I was honestly in awe of it, and needed to add something like this to my wardrobe. It’s the perfect coat for cooler (temperature wise) business trips, but still so cute and fashionable. The light pink is really killing it for me at the moment. Whether it’s the prelude to spring, or just blends with my brand new (incredible) foundation, I’m not entirely sure but I can tell you that pink is not leaving my closet anytime soon.

The long coat is perfect for work, and classing outfits up while the fuzzy jacket is perfect for some sass, night out or just for a fun add to any outfit. There's just something so fun about it and it looks so fabulous. 

The Shoe

Throughout the week, I had a lot of outfit changes. I went from tropical outfits, to classy outfits, to cold weather outfits, and so forth. The pair of shoes that seemed to stick with me the most were these gorgeous OTK boots from Go Jane. If you didn’t notice, I wear them two ways. With dresses and skirts, I pull them all the way up to my knees so they are truly over the knee. If I’m rocking a pair of jeans, I kept them shorter and scrunched so they were only towards the bottom. I found that this made these boots appear to be two different pairs, but it also looks incredible with both options. Which style is your favorite? Are you liking the OTK style or the scrunched lower boot style more? I’m really curious to know because I just kind of stumbled upon the idea of making them shorter with jeans so I didn’t overheat during events.

IMG_4054 (2)

The look above summarizes my top three trends in one photo. Of course these are trends I found for myself. Not everyone had braids but I will admit I did see a lot of hairstyles featuring braids in some capacity. All in all, these were definitely the stunners for me. 

What do you think of my street style trends? What caught your eye from the shows?