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Studio 110

I have a fantastic secret to share with you all…a new hair salon in fact called Studio 110.

They opened their doors about two weeks ago, and I have to tell you, the studio is phenomenal. My hairstylist of two years (Vanessa) opened her very own place. She didn’t want to focus all of her energies on managing staff, so her concept is much more creative. Each of the stylists at the studio rents their space which I think is awesome. It really allows each stylist to have schedule flexibility as well as the ability to build their own clientele.

Since they’re new, there’s just a few products stocking their selves at the moment. 

The entire ambience of the salon is relaxed, very hip, and modern. It’s a great atmosphere and I had such a great time catching up and chatting with Vanessa while she did her magic.

If you’re looking for a new stylist, I highly recommend Vanessa because I’ve been going to her for two years and she continues to amaze me on a regular basis. However, all of the stylists are extremely talented with years of experience. Plus you get 20% off your first visit so all the more reason to give Studio 110 a fair go!

This was my end result this weekend…what do you think?

They’re located at 1600 North Tucson Blvd. Suite 110 in Tucson. You can find more information on their Facebook page here.

Who’s your favorite stylist?

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