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Stumbling on Graffiti Art

The most amazing breakfast I’ve ever tried can be found at Matt’s Big Breakfast. It was in fact so good we went there two mornings in a row, even though we had planned to go to anther restaurant the second morning. That good huh? Let me just show you…

I have to admit I’ve always tried to stay away from bacon out of respect for my family who does not eat any pig, but this restaurant is very big on pig so I decided to buy in to the hype and try some bacon. What could it hurt right?

I didn’t take too many other pictures because we were busy socializing and drinking delicious cups of coffee like they were water. The service was great; the food came out quickly and was cooked to order; and did I mention the food was amazing?

After breakfast, we had some more pool time and decided we needed some healthy treats. Yes, yes, there is such a thing. Upon our hunt for something sweet, we stumbled upon some of the most incredible art I’ve ever seen.

Let’s go for another walk, shall we?

Now just as I felt about editing the photos of the Phoenix Art Museum, I felt funny editing these so I’ve kept it to a minimum. Editing is truly not needed. Also, I do not know if there is certain meaning to these so please do not be offended if there is a message I did not pick up on during my exploration.**

Now, let’s take a look!

Some of these just truly take your breath away. How can someone be so talented? It’s mind-boggling to me because I lack that true artistic element myself. 

Before we left, we had dinner with my boyfriends sister and her husband at Bobby Q’s. Holy HOLY mackerol! 

Ohhh baby…look at this!

The softest juiciest briscuit I’ve ever tasted and all around most amazing sandwich period. The mashed potatoes were to kill for- seriously I would do very bad things to have those potatoes every day.

Have you ever been to Matt’s Big Breakfast, seen this graffiti art, or been to Bobby Q’s?

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Graffiti art is so cool! The colors and the lines are amazing. It’s upsetting that most of this gets painted over. I love the signatures the artists use also on their graffiti! The artist Banski is amazing..I would love to see his work. In Italy graffiti is very popular and isn’t considered a crime like it is here.

That’s so interesting & I’m so glad you’re sharing with me because I didn’t know that in Italy it wasn’t considered a crime. I’m interested to know which other countries don’t see graffiti as a crime! I do have to admit that a lot of graffiti in the US is garbage and isn’t as talented as some of these pictures I’ve taken! xx,

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