Summer Lip Hydration from Clarins


Summer Lip Hydration from Clarins

June 4, 2018

Lip Oil Versus Lip Water Stain

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by, Clarins.

Whenever summer hits, my lips are one of the driest things on my body. There's something about the lips that needs extra hydration. 

Luckily, Clarins has 2 lip options when it comes to hydration. The Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil is perfect for that everyday natural look, giving light coverage with a glossy sheen. Something about this glossy lip product is so satisfying, and keeps the hydration going. 

The second lippie is the Water Lip Stain which is perfect for building a bold, long-lasting color. This formulation is very lightweight and you forget you have anything on your lips. I'd label this one as a moisturizing stain, and this is why it lasts so well. 

Both of these products are plant-infused. They're the epitome of lightweight and moisturizing. The Water Lip Stain is much more bold and lasts much longer, while the lip oil is more so moisturizing and gives a light lip color. It's very sweet and can definitely be labeled as natural. When it comes to the summer, I love the lightweight natural option to hydrate, while the long-lasting bold stain is perfect for those summer nights out. Both are effective, with varying consistencies.


Lip Oil

The lip oil comes in 8 different shades. Its goals are to prime, hydrate and give you that beautiful shine. This formula can be used in 3 different ways. It's possible to apply before lipstick for a smooth application of lipstick. I prefer to wear it alone for a beautiful gentle shine. Lastly, it can be added on top of lipstick to make the lips look plumper and add some gorgeous shine. 

Honey Glam, Mint, Candy and Tangerine are the shades which react to the PH of the lips creating a custom shade of pink or coral.

Water Lip Stain

The water stains come in 4 different colors ranging from rose water to violet water. It's possible to wear this 3 different ways. It can be used alone as a bold color, underneath the lip oil OR underneath a lipstick. While the formulation is lightweight, the color payoff is bold. This is said to last 300 kisses, but I can attest to it lasting a few kisses since I don't think I'll ever kiss anyone 300 times (haha!)


This is the perfect travel size lippie that easily fits into every purse, and will ensure the lips get the hydration they need.

Which team are you on, #TeamSweet or #TeamSassy?

33 replies on “Summer Lip Hydration from Clarins”

I love a lip stain! I love makeup but I’m also extremely lazy so I go for looks that will last me ALL day! I’m going to have to try theirs!

Well I like coral toned lippies and I like it bold. So, I will go with team Sassy! I wonder if they offer matte variation of their lippie.

I love all those colors! I have never heard of lip oils until now, but they sound amazing. I will have to head out and buy some!

First of all, your pictures are amazing! Angles, colors and quality! I’m in love. What camera do you use? Second, I need to look further into this brand because I love lip stains.

I love all of the beautiful photos! If I had to choose only one I’d go with the lip oil although, I’m glad I can opt for both so I can mix it up a bit. Every space on me needs hydrated and my lips are no exception.

My lips are always so dry and I have only been able to use chapstick to help keep them hydrated. I love this option so much better so I can have some color on my lips too!

That is one of my problems too and I still can’t find one that is best for me. I will try this product and hopefully it will be perfect for me.

I have tried lip stains from other companies and I like the feel of them. I really like the look of Clarin’s lip oil so I need to try it for the summer!

I’m not very familiar with this brand! I know I’ve heard of Clarins, but I’ve never purchased or used their products before. I love the range of colors they offer, though. What a practical (and fun) product!

They have the cutest little packaging that’s really so nice! I love this brand and it’s good to see new products from them that could help us during the summer heat!

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