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Sunny Day Essentials

Let’s be clear when I say that summer is not over just yet in Arizona.

It was well in the 100s this past weekend, and 113 on Sunday when I tried to go out and do some errands…and by errands I mean I went to the grocery store to get ingredients for deliciously refreshing wine spritzers because we were just parched from the heat.


Now I’ve been trying out a lot of new products and I wanted to let you know what my sunny day essentials are since basically everyday is sunny and excruciatingly hot right now. Let’s do this thang!

First off, I like to scrub my body to a pulp before applying any kind of tanning or bronzing product. You’ve heard me rave about Joe’s Scrub many many times in the past few months, but I’ve also been testing out the Haconut scrub. It smells like coconuts and honestly makes me feel like I’m on an island somewhere…need I say more? 

I want to be bronzed and tan so of course I need a good self tanning lotion. What I’ve been enjoying about Tanceuticals specifically is that this is a lotion you leave on overnight. It didn’t get on my sheets, but you should be careful in case you sweat or have bad sweaty nightmares…trust me I have those nights and this lotion will melt off your skin if you’re sweating a storm. When I wake up, I take a shower and I am beautifully bronzed. It isn’t an orange tan either which is obviously a plus! I would warn you to be careful with how you apply because it could come off patchy if it’s not applied evenly. Honestly, if you’re new to self tanning I wouldn’t recommend this particular product because application is key. The first two times I used the product there was some patchiness around my elbows and knees but I’m no tanning expert so I blame myself for that. 

Once the exfoliating and bronzing is all said and done, I’m in need of sun protection. Lately I’ve been trying to find better brands of sunscreen. I’m tired of spending $15 for a sub-par crap sunscreen at Walgreens that always seems to leave me sunburned. All the items displayed from Coola are within the cutest and most perfect travel set. The set includes a delicious smelling colada sunscreen spray. I’m a big fan of sunscreen sprays because if you don’t have someone around to help, you can easily spray every part of your body. After the sun exposure, I like to use some kind of after-sun lotion as well as a moisturizer and this kit includes one of each. After having all of that sun exposure I like to make sure my skin is fully moisturized because the sun can really take out all of that hydration. Lastly, I like to keep my lippie lips hydrated and protected from the sun too. Nothing screams dehydration more than my own dry chapped lips…lipstick does not look on fleek when the lips are peeling so I enjoy keeping them moisturized. Use that chapstick people! …and that’s it, these are some of my newest sunny day essentials!


What are your sunny day essentials?

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Disclaimer: Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive products as PR samples. This post is not sponsored. All opinions and comments are honest and my own.

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Try the Joe’s Scrub first & then also try the Haconut one! I guess it depends if you like the smell of coffee more than the smell of coconuts…coffee > everything for me! xx

I love this post. I am so, so OCD about SPF and sunscreen and all times. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds great! This body scrub sounds amazing!!! I need this in January when it’s freezing out and so I can feel like I’m on a warm beach. 🙂

Cameron Proffitt

I have gotten so OCD and weird about sunscreen because the older I get, the more I see it in my face and with the heat here in Arizona I definitely 100% need to be able to preserve my youthful looking skin you know what I mean!? xx

They’re great & I’ve also been loving their makeup setting spray which is a sunscreen AND setting spray (2-in-1 bonus!) xx

For us in Arizona, it’s a dry heat. It only gets humid if there’s a bad monsoon storm but for the most part it’s dry! It’s like running into an oven to be quite honest! xx

I’m really interested in the Haconut scrub! I got even more excited knowing that it smells like an island. I might also try out that Tanceuticals self-tanner. I’ve been trying to find one that won’t look orangey (I already have yellow undertoned skin) so that might be perfect!

If you’re newer to self-tanning I would recommend Cocoa Brown, but if you’re more of an expert this tanning lotion will work for you. I just worry about the application (I’m NO expert) and I definitely had some patchiness due to uneven application so it’s something to be aware of when you’re trying the Tanceuticals one! xx

Summer isn’t over in Dallas, TX either, that’s for sure! Ive been wanting to try Tanceuticals for a while now! When I run out of my St. Tropez I might just have to get some! And OMG I’m totally buying that Haconut scrub — I LOVE coconut everything!!

xo, Christina

Fashion & Frills

It’s one of my biggest pet peeves to be quite frank and specifically for the fact that there’s a limiting amount of products at the drugstore so I’m pretty sure I’ll just be ordering sunscreen online! xx