Support Bloggers You Love with Affiliates

This is a full body shot of me standing at San Mercado Agustin in a black floral maxi dress.

Support Bloggers You Love with Affiliates

July 30, 2018

When I first started this blogging journey, I was telling you what eyeshadow palette was worth the money at Ulta and which were not worth the $40+ price tag. I've been honest about what I like and don't like, since day one. Well, back then I didn't care about affiliate sales because I was not making money off blogging, and it wasn't a goal of mine. I didn't even know I could make money off of it, or that I would. I was just blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts with anyone who wanted to read my thoughts. Easy times.

Nowadays it's so important to support bloggers, creators and social influencers, in their journeys because you (the audience) determine their long-term success. There's a couple of ways you can support the bloggers and influencers you love when you are doing some shopping. Let's dive into the details of being supportive, as I know this is a bit of a gray area for many!

1. Utilize the Like to Know It app

(it's totally free!) Within the app, you can follow all your favorite bloggers and shop the outfits they post on Instagram, as well as on their blog. I wanted to show you a couple quick steps below. Once the app is downloaded, you hit the search icon in the bottom right and type in "adaatude". I'll pop up and you'll want to click on my profile. Once you click it, you can easily get to my page and hit the 'follow' button right at the top. You'll be able to click on any of my outfits and all the items in that outfit or photo will be linked for you. That way you can see what the items are in the specific post, and also how much they cost. If I'm mentioning beauty products, those products will be linked as well. Not to mention home decor (like clothing racks, shelves, etc.) Super easy to find everything!

2. Use my Shop Page

The Mr updates my shop page pretty regularly, to incorporate the newest clothing I'm repping in my photos. We are currently working with my developer to make this shop page much more dynamic (with search capabilities and filtering) to make it easier to find the things you're looking for that I myself would recommend to you. There's also a 'Shop my Instagram' page specific to the Instagram outfits I am posting on the gram. This makes it easy to shop the exact photo, rather than going to a general shop page.

3. Shop within blog posts

This is one of the easiest ways to use my affiliate links. Since a lot of my photography is lifestyle based, I love to showcase my outfits. This is why within each post, you can see a carousel of the products I'm rocking. It's a quick way to click the link, and then do all your shopping. Whether it's on Nordstrom, Amazon or other online retailers. It's so easy to shop my favorite things & recommendations!

Sitting on a Bench in San Mercado Agustin in Tucson Arizona.

4. Use discount codes.

Occasionally, brands are not affiliated with RewardStyle or ShopStyle, and this is when they offer their own discount codes. Discount codes give you (the consumer) a certain percentage off your total purchase. For example, with Red Mountain Weight Loss, if you mention "ADA" you will get 20% off ANY service. While I do not make any money off you using my code, this helps Red Mountain Weight Loss determine the success of our collaboration. When it comes to other products, like MVMT, using the code ADAATUDE to get $15 off your total order gives me the opportunity to do more collaborations with them long-term. Again, I don't make money every time you use the code but you get $15 off and I get the opportunity to work with the brand again. In some cases, uses my code will get me a certain percentage similar to an affiliate code. Sometimes a brand will offer 20% payment for you utilizing my code. Those perks are much more rare, but they do occur. I am always transparent if the code made me money or not, because I like to be candid with all of you. Know that I never recommend something just to make a few bucks. It's much more important to be honest with my opinion, rather than trying to sell a random product I don't believe in myself. Honesty over any paid collaboration.

5. Use the 'Swipe Up' feature within Instagram Stories

I am adding this one as I realize I forgot it in my initial breakdown of supporting creators with affiliate sales. One of the biggest and easiest ways to support me, and any other blogger you love, is to swipe up within their Instagram stories. I utilize links, coupon codes and send you directly to my new blog posts. This is a huge way to support us, so swipe up when we genuinely ask you to! Most of us are not out to give you a virus or do something weird. We just want to share our love for our favorite blog posts and products with you, and swiping up shows us (and brands long-term) that you're interested in hearing our thoughts about any specific item.

Here's how it works.

To give you an idea of affiliate sales, if you purchase a $7 item from Amazon, I make $0.20. It's very small for one article, but in the grand scheme of things, it adds up if you're doing your shopping while using my affiliate links. I'm talking online shopping, because most sites are linkable via RewardStyle or ShopStyle. This includes Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Macy's, JCPenney, and so forth. Most retailers online are linkable so if you plan to do some shopping and you like me even a little, you can click on any link within my blog posts or click a link via the Like to Know It app and then do your shopping. I am always happy to make a custom link for you for any item. It takes me 1 second to do, and will support my blogging. It genuinely does make a big difference, because affiliate sales do determine the success of various collaborations, as well as the success of a given blogger. It's one of the best way to show influence.

"To give you an idea of affiliate sales, if you purchase a $7 item from Amazon, I make $0.20. It's very small for one article, but in the grand scheme of things, it adds up if you're doing your shopping while using my affiliate links."

Blogging is an Art

What questions do you have in regards to affiliate sales? Are you a blogger too?

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Well, you made that very clear for everyone to understand and I thank-you! While I do not monetize right now I hope to in the future. Some of your information I did not know everything about. I love the flowers, my fave being the style you are modeling with the print from the dress right beside the shoes

Not a blogger, but I work for one and I appreciate the break down in this post. A lot of hard work goes into blogging and affiliates can be helpful and rewarding.

I love your outfit. I think a lot of people don’t know how affiliate marketing really works, and this explains it well.

These are some great ways to shop posts by the influencers that you love. Your dress is so very pretty!

I think I have splurged on items because of bloggers. These are great tips to remember when I am shopping.

I do try to click on links! I don’t always buy though if I don’t need the item, but if I do, I certainly do it so the blogger gets credit! I appreciate when they do the same for me.

These were some great tips. As a frugal shopper and a fellow blogger I definitely appreciate it.

This is really helpful in letting readers know how they can support you -I find that many people don’t really understand affiliates and how they work. I always try to support my fellow bloggers by clicking on their links if I am going to buy something they have talked about.

What a lovely dress it looks good on you. I like visiting fashion
blog like yours. Not only I can get ideas about clothing and shoes but
also I get discounted items as well.

Have you had any affiliate experiences that weren’t favorable or a scam? What criteria do you use when selecting a brand to work with? Thanks!

I actually have shopped within a few blog posts recently – though for homeware and soft furnishings rather than fashion. Some bloggers have really inspiring articles with loads of beautiful products in x

I love that you wrote this! I always feel so awkward asking people to use my affiliate links when possible. You’re right, it all adds up so quickly!

Wow, looks like you really benefited a lot from blogging. You go too places and spend less. You get to work and enjoy at the same time. Who wouldn’t love that!

YES! So good. Great idea for a post. Many people don’t get it or understand so I like that you’ve explained it all here.

Great post! SO many people don’t understand how bloggers make money or what the best way to support them is. Thanks for laying it out there in such a simple way.

Thanks for this. I didn’t really know how affiliates work. I’m a member of some online marketing but I haven’t really taken advantage of them.