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Target Shoe Haul

This past weekend, I hopped into Target for some boot shopping and there was a sale. So naturally I went a bit overboard because…there was a sale! I checked online and it looks like the sale is still going on there. Womens’ shoes are buy one, get one 50% off. Get moving ladies!

| Mossimo Hartley II Buckle Ankle Boot

For $38, these are a steal. This is the exact pair of boots I had envisioned in my mind and was looking to wear the next few months. They can be dressed up or down very easily. I think they’re a bit sexy with the heel, but can definitely be cute and casual with the perfect pair of jeans just slightly tucked in. I think the Mr definitely liked these the best out of this haul and they’re definitely “different” in terms of shoes I’ve owned. Look at me moving on up in the world. Now I have my keepsake boots for the fall and winter time!

| Merona Mallory Driver Moc |

I choose these flats as a comfortable pair of shoes that would keep my feetsies warm in colder months. The reason I really like these is because they’re not paper thin at the bottom and won’t wear out as easily as many flats do. As you can see the bottom offers quite a bit of support which I am loving so far! They’re an everyday type of shoe or can be a casual indoor wear. At $25 you honestly cannot go wrong with these. Make sure to try these on because you may want a 1/2 size larger because they tend to run a bit small.

| Kayce Tall Zipper Boots |

I would say these will come in handy when it’s windy, rainy, and just downright cold. I’ve had a pair like these in the past and they always worked out for me. I like that these have a bit of a heel too so they can also be dressed up easily. For such great quality of boot, $40 was not a difficult buy for me. These will last for many seasons to come!

| Denise Wedge Heel Bootie |

These are also unlike any shoe I’ve ever had before so I’m proud of myself for being so adventurous. They do look a bit pointy in the front, but they fit very well and the gold detailing made me fall in love. They’re unique and I don’t think many will be wearing these and I liked them a lot so I couldn’t leave without them . They will come in handy for some fashion events coming up and at $35 I think they’re a hot bargain.

Now that you’ve seen a little inspiration, will you be picking up some new shoes at Target this fall?

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You got some great fall items! Target is one of my favorite stores. Plus they always have great sales going on. I like the first pair of ankle boots and the loafers look comfy. I am in the market for a new pair of loafers. I checked out some from target, old navy and some other store, but I just don’t’ know which ones I want to get yet.