Testing Adria by Thalia Hair Care

In this shot, I am testing the water in the tub while getting ready to use the Adria by Thalia Hair Care.

Testing Adria by Thalia Hair Care

March 18, 2019

Reviewing the new Adria by Thalia Collection

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Adria by Thalia.

When it comes to any hair care line, the first thing I like to test out is the shampoo and conditioner. If a hair brand wants to truly wow you with their products, you have to start with the basics. I mean we all use shampoo and conditioner. It’s a staple in the house. Since you have so many options for both, I genuinely feel like this is a great way to judge if a brand is going to have good products throughout its line. If you have a good foundation, the rest is likely to follow suit. This is why I tried the shampoo and conditioner first.

After testing the combo, I can say that the products cleansed and moisturized my hair and scalp beautifully. Since the line is free of the “bad stuff” I really felt that the formulas cleansed in a gentle way which is exactly what my hair needed since it’s been in a more fragile state the past few weeks. The dry and cold weather has definitely been a little rough the past few months, so this shampoo and conditioner combo brought my hair back to life. So much so that my Instagram fam noticed my hair looking silkier and more hydrated.

In this shot, I am popping out from behind the bathroom counter in a robe while holding the new Adria by Thalia Shampoo.



This new haircare line launched in late January from Thalia, The Queen of Latin Pop. Offering 7 unique products which are all infused with a blend of salon-quality ingredients sourced from Central America, Brazil & Mexico, they are definitely high quality. The products are all formulated to protect, fortify, nourish, and strengthen all hair types including color-treated hair. Since I’ve been dying my hair on and off for several years, I do like to use products that aren’t going to mess with the colors.

One of my personal favorite products from the line is the volumizing spray. Since my hair is always sooo straight, it does sit flat on my face which is not the cutest look in the world. Adding a little bit of this spray changes the game for me, and really makes my hair pop. The volume is definitely drastic, and people notice when that typically flat hair isn’t flat and has that beautiful volume. This is definitely my lazy girl secret weapon because it gives me that va-va-voom without requiring a lot of work on my end.

This is a close up photo of my hand holding the Adria by Thalia Volumizing Spray.

Now that I've tried the entire line, I have to say the smell is pleasant, the consistency of products is in line with what I would expect (not too thick and heavy on the hair) and quality is definitely there. Since I've been testing many different hair products, I have a lot of benchmarks to look for when it comes to deciding if it's a good option or not. 

What hair products have you been running to use in your shower?