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Testing Apothederm Skin Care for the Acne Prone

This is a flat lay photo of the Apothederm Skin Care Line.

In case you haven’t noticed, testing new skin care has become somewhat of a past time for me. 

This is a close up of my hand holding the Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment.

This post is in collaboration with Apothederm, via Shopping Links. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. My knack for testing new skin care is actually part of the reason my posts do come many days apart. I mean it takes at least a week to properly test new skin products. 1 or 2 days is not enough. Ok, so story time.

When I was in high school, I had really bad acne. I remember going into my first day of high school, and I had different sized pimples and my face was so red. Back then, my solution was to pack on the powder and just cover it all up so it wasn’t quite so red. I used to cry, and feel so defeated that I couldn’t control my face and how it was acting out. Over time, my hormones got somewhat in check and the acne was smaller and smaller. To this day, I have acne on my forehead but it’s so hard to see it’s almost like it’s not there. I can feel them creeping back sometimes, especially if I’m stressed or having a tough week (between work, blog, and all the usual responsibilities.) That’s why I like to have an acne resistant skin care routine in my back pocket, so I can quickly combat incoming acne before it gets really bad.

The first step in my skin care routine (as long as I don’t have makeup on my face since that would need to be removed first) is a cleanser. The Brightening Cleanser is one of the best cleansers I’ve experienced in a long time. It comes out of the bottle in a gel-like consistency which foams up a bit and spreads beautifully across the skin. Given it’s a brightening cleanser, it helps to tone your skin and also add that additional brightening effect. Even though it’s really gentle on the skin, it has an exfoliating effect because it helps loosen those pesky dead skin cells so they can easily be washed away. A common element in all good skin care these days is the ability for cleansers and moisturizers to help protect the skin from further damage, which is a huge plus in and of itself. This cleanser helps protect from free radical damage, so you’re getting long-term benefits from using this line.

After the good ole cleanse, I use the clarifying toner. Most people I know do not use a toner daily or even often because they don’t necessarily see the benefit of a toner. When I explain a full skin care routine, many think it’s too much but truthfully I’ve gone through the motions and while it may seem like a lot, every product has its own benefits and no one product can do the job of them all so it makes sense to use a few products (in this case it’s only 3!) to get the job done. This toner will help to get rid of the day’s griminess and that’s the best way to describe the toner’s purpose. It is a liquid that is applied to a cotton pad, and then you run the cotton pad gently all over your face. You will see once you’re done that there’s a lot of residue on your skin that’s brown or black (or a variety of colors.) Toning helps to removes dirt, oil and make-up. I will say I don’t use the toner as my main makeup remover, but more so as a secondary makeup remover to ensure it’s all off my face. The toner also helps to calm and soothe skin, which is a big benefit for me since my skin is so sensitive.

Now the last step of this skin care routine is using the Bright Skin Serum which is a specialized formula that helps refine, brighten and hydrate in the process of evening skin tone. For those of you who don’t know me personally, you would think my skin was perfect through photos but I have unevenness in my skin’s texture, and I also have a lot of redness. This serum has helped with texture as well as the uneven skin tone. The SmartPeptide™ technology targets impurities to reduce blotchiness, discoloration and unevenness like my own. I also like the consistency of this serum because it’s lightweight and blends easily into the skin. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is brighter and looks more plump and alive. Exactly what we’re all going for each day!

After using this three step skin care system in the evenings for the past week, I have really found a significant difference in my skin when I wake up. It’s brighter, tighter and looks much healthier. I’ve had some seriously long nights, and using all of these products has helped keep my skin in good condition.

What’s your fave way to keep acne away and make skin brighter?

This is a close up of my hand holding the Testing Apothederm Brightening Cleanser.
This is a sideways close up of Apothederm Skin Care with rose petals surrounding the product

This is a close up of my hand holding the Apothederm Skin Care Clarifying Treatment.

This is a close up of dried rose petals with the Apothederm Skin Care products laying in the background.

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