That Pixi Beauty Radiance

Multiple Pixi Beauty products that work together to cleanse the skin and give it a radiant glow.

Pixi Beauty has been launching some awesome products recently, and some have truly become my favorites. 

This is an image of multiple Pixi Beauty products that work together to give your skin a radiant glow and help to remove makeup from the face.

While I’m not the biggest tonic user, this glow tonic really called out to me because it’s about increasing the glow. I place this on a cotton pad, and exfoliate the skin, without worrying about alcohol. It really makes my skin smoother, and brighter. The brightening effect is 100% worth it, and I really do enjoy how fresh I look after using this consistently for a few days. For $29, this bottle will last you quite a bit of time and it does make a difference.

In terms of the cleansing balm, it’s a real treat to spread this all over my skin. There’s something so luxurious about these new outbreak of cleansing balms, and the fact that this one is reasonably priced at $20 makes it even more appealing. It truly does take all the makeup right off, and it’s just so easy.

In terms of a beautiful lipgloss, the liplift max is a great addition to any lip color. I have the shade petal ice, and it’s such a beautiful topper, no matter what lipstick you choose to wear, because it’s sheer and gives a nice sheen. I also like the plumping effect + the feel of it on my lips. At $14, I do think it’s a great quality lip gloss that will last quite a bit of time (it’s a large size!)

That rose oil blend is extremely nourishing and it helps to restore the skin and adds a bit of luminosity. I’m a big fan of oils, and I know some people think adding oils to your face is a bad idea. However, good oils are extremely beneficial for your skin depending on what kind of oil you find. I typically find that good oils are anywhere from $30-$150 (Sunday Riley you hurt my heart with your high costs) but they are always worth it. I really haven’t found a bad oil in the higher price range, and I do think spending the extra dollars is important, because some of the lower end oils actually have bad ingredients that could cause breakouts and have adverse effects. Spend the money on your skin, it’s always worth it.

The beauty blush duo, along with the kabuki brush, has been my absolute favorite product from Pixi Beauty. I have the shade ‘peach honey’ and it’s the perfect warm tone (peachy nude sheen) to be used as blush, but it can also swing for my bronzer. I’ve even been using it for eyeshadow, and it’s so beautiful on the lids and the cheeks. The highlight (gold sheen) is also phenomenal, and just looks so natural and illuminates my skin perfectly. It has come with me on every single trip I’ve gone on recently, so you know I love it.

Have you tried any Pixi Beauty products yet? What’s your favorite?

Multiple Pixi Beauty products that work together to cleanse the skin and give it a radiant glow.

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