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The 2021 Adaclaus Guide

Adaleta Avdic is looking very cozy sitting on her couch with a cozy season mug, a Barefoot Dreams blanket, a Nest candle and a puzzle.

The 2021 Adaclaus Guide

December 1, 2021

Welcome to the 8th Year of Adaclaus!

Many years ago, I decided to start making beauty boxes and giving them to many of you for the holidays. Then I started buying tickets to comedy shows (ie. Jim Gaffigan), coffee machines and other fun gifts that you all really liked. My friend, Jessica, also a creator gave me the best name (this was before everyone had something with 'mas or 'claus in it for the holidays.) Adaclaus. And the rest is history! This year we are taking it back to the roots of what Adaclaus is. Giving back gifts to all of you that I personally would love to win, and that mean a lot to me for different reasons. Each day of Adaclaus, we are going to update you and let you know what the prize is, with links on where to enter, the rules, etc. I will also announce the winners for each giveaway here first, so make sure to check this post a few times a day so you know ASAP if you are the winner!

General Rules:

Each day of Adaclaus a new giveaway will be live on Instagram here. Upon the post going live, you as an entrant will have 48 hours to enter to win the prize. Read the entire caption to understand not only the prize, but the specific directions (as they will slightly vary from day to day.) Most will require you to be following my account, liking the photo, saving the photo, and then leaving a relevant comment. Tagging other real friends will be bonus, and it will substantially increase your chances winning but it not required to do so. Oftentimes people will tag anyone and everyone which in theory is a great strategy. However celebrities, and people you do not know will not count as entries (we will check to make sure the entries are legitimate). If you do comment with illegitimate entries, you will be disqualified and our random name picker will just ignore your comments which will not allow you to be selected as a winner.

*If you just followed me on Instagram (first of all welcome!) but you may get a message "comments are limited" which will not allow you to comment. To protect my page and my sanity, I only allow those who follow me to leave a comment. With that said, if you JUST followed me 15 seconds ago, Instagram doesn't register that follow for at least a minute or two so you still cannot comment. Simply refresh the post or close Instagram and then come back and you will be able to comment, therefore securing your entry into the giveaway. 

This is a close up flat lay of the hair tools included in day 1 of Adaclaus.

Day 1: For the Hair Lover

Winners are: @thetucsonlocalista @jmesws22 @deborahdrue

Enter here!

3 winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) Revlon Round brush (has over 326,000 reviews on Amazon and over 4.25 stars!)
One (1) Olaplex Healthy Hair Essential Holiday kit (this was sold out at almost every retailer we looked up during Black Friday but i snagged three of these sets JUST FOR YOU!)
One (1) HotTools Professional Gold Curling Iron (it’s a 1” inch barrel)
One (1) Set of six (6) Slip scrunchies (these are the best and gentle on your hair so you don’t rip your hair out every time you take it out of the pony)

Day 2: For the Cozy Lover

Winners are: @andiabcs @adventureswithlambie @naturelover22000

Enter here!

3 winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) Barefoot Dreams blanket (because they are the softest and everyone loses their minds over these each year during the #nsale )
One (1) pair of Sperry (@sperry) slippers (these are so comfy and keep my feet nice and toasty)
One (1) @nestfragrances Holiday Candle (this candle smells INCREDIBLE; truly one of our faves to burn during the holidays 🎄)
One (1) Mug from a small business (because we love shopping small)
One (1) Puzzle (because 1,000 pieces can take a few days to put together!)

This is a close up of the Miracle Cleanser from Aurelia London.

*Day 3: For the Skincare Lover

Winners are: @katyj16 @tattered_wings @bloomlash_grace

Enter here!

I’ve tried a lot of skincare brands over the last 10+ years, and I have to say I am absolutely in awe and in love with Aurelia London. This was one of the brands I discovered during the pandemic because I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and explore probiotic skincare a bit more. Eventually I started learning the connection that our skin and what its connection has to our internal health. 

The technology behind Aurelia London helps to reduce cellular damage and promote the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid for plump, dewy skin that glows. PROTIDA™ is at the leading edge in probiotic innovation. 3 unique probiotic complexes combine to boost the skin’s natural immunity, managing inflammation and enhancing repair for powerful results from within.

For day 3, we’re picking 3 winners who will EACH receive:

One (1) $250 gift card to shop the Aurelia London website (to pick whichever products you want to add into your skincare routine)

Anti-pollution mask

Cell repair night oil

Miracle cleanser

Repair & brighten hand cream

Beauty and immunity support

I take skincare very seriously, which is why I highly encourage you to check out their products whether or not you're one of the lucky winners. You can thank me later because you will not regret adding Aurelia into your beauty cabinets. Trusttt.

Aurelia London’s Website

Aurelia London’s Instagram

Day 4: For the Active One

Winners are: @joanfuhse @keepingupwithmontclair @jujos26

Enter here!

3 winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) pair of the BRAND NEW Apple Airpods (3rd Generation because you know I love the latest and greatest when it comes to tech)
One (1) 26 oz. Yeti Water Bottle with Chug Cap (this chug cap is such a game changer!)
One (1) Arrae Holiday Set (it includes both their Calm and Bloat capsules + a travel case to take the supplements with you on the road!)

*Day 5: For the Beauty Lover

winners are: @vivianmvlz @crismenaalvarez @quesa

When it comes to Sephora Inside JCPenney, I cannot recommend it enough because oftentimes I can find sold out items (it's an incredible life hack TBH.) Not to mention it's the perfect place to snag all the stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. You can snag skincare (which is perfect for everyone), beauty products, hair products, the works. Since I love giving beauty, I spend a lot of time inside JCPenney shopping the Sephora and just snagging something for everyone on my list.

For day 5, we’re picking 3 winners who will EACH receive:

One (1) $250 gift card to shop Sephora Inside JCPenney for all the beauty goodies you could possibly want (I’ll admit that a lot of the time the Sephora Inside JCPenney is well stocked and has everything I’m looking for like the infamous Olaplex Hair Essentials Kit that we couldn’t find anywhere else!)

Sephora Inside JCPenney's Website

JCPenney Instagram

This is a fun collage of stocking stuffer options from Sephora Inside JCPenney.

Day 6: For the Coffee Lover

Winners are: @fabiicakes, @baileyburan, @latley_nicole

Enter here!

3 winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) Ninja Coffee DualBrew Pro System (this is an insane coffee machine that can do coffee but also espresso drinks!)
One (1) Mug from a small business (because we love shopping small)
One (1) bag of Lebuzz Coffee Beans (these are our favorite local coffee beans which we use day to day to make our cups of coffee)

*Day 7: For the Makeup Lover

Winners are: @eveningstarr1 @christygamber @tlnunnal21

We love a multitasking product, am I right? Nothing makes life easier than something that’s compact, and also carries the majority of products needed for makeup. Introducing you to the Fold Out Face Palette from Woosh which is just epic. I mean look at my skin. I got unfiltered, unedited shots of how the perfectors blend into the skin. Not to mention the beautiful shade range of blushes and lip colors. 

For day 7, we’re picking 3 winners who will EACH receive the ultimate makeup bundle from @wooshbeauty:

One (1) The Want it All Bundle 

One (1) The Lip Gloss Bundle in the Andrea 

One (1) Corner Brush


Woosh Beauty Website

Woosh Beauty Instagram

Day 8: For the Bookworm

Winners are: @calliefleece @hazelspf3 @mamabirdwords

Enter here!

3 winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) Kindle (THE NEWEST EDITION OF PAPERWHITE because i never skimp out on you! plus i’m a huge techie and only want you to have the newest devices!)
One (1) set of Sperry slippers
One (1) Nest Fragrances candle 
One (1) Gray Malin coffee table book
One (1) Rifle Paper Notebook + Rifle Paper Pen
One (1) of my extremely talented friend’s (Amira’s) digital/virtual sticker packs from her site

*Day 9: For the Skincare Lover

winners are: @katalac33 @kmart1288 @courtneybedient

Enter here!

Naturally Serious Skin has been a major player for me the last 5+ years. One of my absolute favorite peel pads come from them because you can feel them diving deep into the skin, and really rejuvenating the skin. Not to mention NSS is so reasonably priced, you need the entire routine. They are clean, effective, and affordable. Can a girl ask for anything better!?

For day 9, we’re picking 3 winners who will EACH receive:

One (12) months supply of Get Even Cold-Pressed Peel Pads 

One (1) ritual routine which will feature all of the following products: Lemon-Aid Makeup Removing Cleansing Gel (NEW), Fruit-Tox Resurfacing Facial Remedy, Illumi-nation Anti-Fatigue Power Serum, Skin Warrior Moisture Rescue Cream, Zero Baggage Eye Cream, and Sleepover Retin-Oil Nighttime Treatment (NEW)

Naturally Serious Skin Website

Naturally Serious Skin Instagram

Day 10: For the Fashionista

winners are: @nmarcho @mytayloredlifestylee @nithya_arakotaram

Enter here!

for day 10, three (3) winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) $100 gift card to shop @dynamiteclothing
One (1) set of @houseofwant bag + cardholder
Two (2) pieces of @electricpicks jewelry
One (1) of my extremely talented friend’s (Amira’s) digital/virtual sticker packs from her site

*Day 11: For the Skincare Lover

Enter here!

When it comes to Algenist, it’s no secret you all love them as much as I do. Liquid Collagen has been a true staple in my routine for years and years. It’s vegan liquid collagen, and the formulation is out of this world. Everything they do is impeccable, and their Triple Algae Eye Renewal Balm is the GOAT (for all you non Gen Z that means Greatest of All Time.)

Not only are they vegan, but they are 100% focused on ingredient sourcing so they can use the highest quality ingredient to make the highest quality product. Sourcing is something that’s really been important to me personally, as I’ve gotten more educated on skincare. There is a reason why one product may be $5 versus another being $80, and Algenist is worth every single penny.

Through biotechnology, they have been able to manage the production process to ensure consistency in the efficacy and results of all ingredients. 10/10 would recommend and I’m so excited to give 3 people a new routine. You will fall in love with each of these products!

For day 11, we’re picking 3 winners who will EACH receive:

One (1) Liquid Collagen


One(1) Triple Algae Eye Renewal Balm 


One (1) GENIUS cream

When you find something so good, you don’t need to switch it up or make any changes. I’ll have Algenist in my beauty cabinets for many years to come.

Algenist Website

Algenist Instagram

Day 12: For the Beauty Lover

winners are: @shalleyyy47 @natashaaa_i @thjewett

Enter here!

for day 12, three (3) winners will EACH receive the following:

One (1) @tripollar_official Stop X device 🤯 *massive thanks to TriPollar for gifting 3 devices for you guys!!
One (1) @meetgoodfaith Good Faith Good + Calm Set (Softening Moisturizer + Plant-Derived Squalane, Smoothing Eye Cream + Caffeine and Destress + GABA in a limited edition tote) *thank you Good Faith for gifting these sets!!
One (1) C & the Moon Body Scrub (people have been losing their minds over this body scrub and I understand why; it leaves your skin so silky smooth after exfoliating)
One (1) Skinny Confidential Face Razor (this is a much gentler option in comparison to the ones on the market)
One (1) Summer Fridays Lip Balm (this is the GOAT of lip balms!)
Three (3) of my favorite L’Oreal products (Revitalift Derm Intensives 5% Glycolic Acid Peeling Toner, Revitalift Pressed Night Moisturizer with Retinol and Niacinamide & Revitalift Derm Intensives Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine Eye Serum)

Day 13: For the Mom

with things moving in this direction for us in 2022, i am so excited to start sprinkling in more mommy lifestyle into my content.

i asked 3 of my best friends for their advice on what they’d love to receive as a mom. something practical was across the board, but lots of self-care items too because moms tend to feel guilty spoiling themselves!

SO for day 13, i am spoiling three (3) winners with EACH of the following:

One (1) @stripeandstare x @loveshackfancy PJ set + knicker set (so cute, so soft and so worth every single penny!)
One (1) @birdbeco Self Care Set along with a 30-day supplement supply (this supplement will be customized for you and whichever part of your mommy journey you’re currently on!)
One (1) @caudalie Brightening Solution Kit (one of the staple skincare brands in my collection over the last decade!)
One (1) @meetgoodfaith Good Hydration Set (contains Brightening Serum + Vitamin C, Softening Moisturizer + Plant-Derived Squalane, Smoothing Eye Cream + Caffeine and a limited edition water bottle)
One (1) BEÍS grey diaper bag (I’m so excited we were able to snag 3 of these because they’re so practical and have 2437267408439 pockets!)

Flora's Market Run Christmas Dinner includes turkey breast, gree beans, chorizo mac and cheese and more/

Day 14: For the Foodie

Enter here!

For day 14, I am partnering with one of my FAVORITE restaurants/grocery stores in town!! AKA Flora's Market Run to give five (5) winners EACH a Christmas dinner for FOUR. this dinner includes:

Turkey breast (8-10 lbs)
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Dinner Rolls
Chorizo Mac & Cheese

Day 15: For the Hair Queen

Enter here!

For day 15, I am partnering with Grace who has transformed my hair twice in the last 6 months! We slowly transitioned me off the blonde and went back to my brunette roots, and then we chopped it and officially went to brunette.

For today’s prize, we’re going to give one (1) winner a hair makeover in the new year!! This can include either:

Hair Cut + Color
Hair Cut

Thank you so much for your support this year, and for always engaging with my content (likes, comments, shares, saves) clicking my links, using my affiliate codes and generally enjoying the hard work my small team and I put into everything.

Happy holidays!

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Cheers to you Ada Claus! This is so much fun! You always share the best products and items! I’m excited to follow along and share with family & friends as well! xx Julie

Always been excited for Adaclaus. You always bless us with these amazing giveaways. Thank you for being a wonderful person. Plus you have been glowing and looking happy lately. I’m so happy for you. ❤️

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