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The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

This photo features sparkly holiday shoes, beauty products and a sparkly black bag.

The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

November 17, 2022


This year's gift guide is going to be a little different because I'm only covering a few categories where I feel I'm qualified to help you. For example, gifts for a new mom. Because I'm a new mom. I'm not going to share with you gifts for a mom of a 5 year old because I know nothing about that phase just yet. I want to give you good recommendations and be realistic so here are the categories I think I know a little bit about, so I hope you find these lists helpful and make your shopping easier. 

For the Bookworm

A Kindle Unlimited subscription is truly necessary, and the longer I've had it the more incredible authors (and books) that have been included. 

And/or a membership to Book of the Month (there's other programs too but this is the most popular and affordable).

When it comes to Kindles, you want to keep it protected and scratch free (learned this lesson the hard way) and sleeves are now a thing. You can even buy a book sleeve so they don't get dogeared when you throw them in a bag or travel with them.

Cute bookmarks and stickers are always a hit with book lovers too.

If you really love someone, buy them the whole damn Kindle. This is honestly the most affordable tech item that gives so much joy to those who love to read. If you're a physical book lover, trust me you'll love a Kindle too (it's incredible for reading at night.) I recommend the 2021 version over the newest 2022 version as we looked at the specs and the newest one seems like a downgrade.

A few other incredible adds would be a reading journal (this is on my list this year) along with a book light if the person you're shopping for prefers physical books.

For the New Mom

I've been told over the last year that a lot of things on baby shower wishlists isn't something that's going to be necessary. Low and behold that was certainly true for me. With that said, I want to recommend things I actually use daily as a new mom.

Capturing photos and memories is so important, especially since babies go through so many changes in that first year. This Fujifilm Instax camera has given us the ability to capture some adorable moments so we can make a montage. We've also taken the same image 2-3 times and then given the image to family and friends. Such a cute keepsake.

You can never have enough blankets. I'm serious. We have blankets coming out of our ears, but it's never enough. Blankets for nighttime feedings, blankets for the baby. Trust me when I say they will get dirty and you'll need replacements. 

Same thing goes for comfy PJs. We're not trying to be sexy in lingerie right now. We want to have comfortable and cozy PJs that keep us warm.

A few things self care wise (for mama) include a few of my favorite products like Agent Nateur holi(bright) face mask which is a lactic acid mask. In addition we had lots of body scrubs before, during and after pregnancy and I use them all up.

Probably the thing we use day in and day out are burp cloths. They're so necessary, and handy even for our own messy hands. Soft ones from Burt's Bees have been our favorite

We've been using the 0-12 week Play Kit from Lovevery most days, and I think this is a great gift to get any mom. Especially since the kits go all the way to ages 5.

Since you know I love to read and write, I enjoy journaling. But I think it can be therapeutic for all moms to either write letters for your kids to read when they're older, or just to vent. Sometimes writing it down is like I told someone and it helps me get it out of my system. 

For the Beauty Lover

The most incredible (and newest discovery) is this clean fragrance. Clean meaning it doesn't have a ton of chemicals in its formulation. Buy it for yourself, or for anyone on your list.

Since I'm all about clean beauty, I'm a big advocate for Credo Beauty which is basically the Sephora of clean beauty products. 

A staple in my skincare routine (and collection) are the Wander Beauty Eye Masks. They're perfect before a big meeting, as a self care night in, or just for some depuffing under the eyes.


But something every beauty lover would love? A gorgeous staple lipstick. I've been impressed by the Hermès one recently, but I'm also a lover of Tom Ford lipsticks. These are super boujee, but you can always find a different brand but a classic pink, nude or red color is excellent for all who love makeup.

Finally, red LED masks have been circulating the internet as well as Gua Sha tools. Getting a skincare tool like either of these is such a great gift. 

For the cozy lover

Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I'm back on all my supplement BS. And boy is it good to be back. A few of my favorite supplement companies include Cymbiotika, Arrae, Moon Juice and Organic Olivia. The Calm supplement from Arrae is perfect for a little chill pill.

If you like to bundle up at home, you'll need a deliciously soft blanket. The BareFoot Dreams one is iconic, and on sale at QVC so a great addition for anyone and everyone. Literally

And chances are if you enjoy cozying up with a blanket, you love a good book so getting 2 or 3 books off new releases or popular releases for the year is likely a safe bet.

A candle makes an entire space way more cozy, and Hotel Lobby candles are the creme de la creme.

Popular board games (like Monopoly, Clue, Uno, etc) are all great for family nights at home. Puzzles are also really great to give someone who loves to cozy up and play games.

Mugs (for home or on the go) are always a hit. We've been seeing Ember Mugs everywhere so this is one on my list to shop.

Another really great cozy activity is journaling so a gorgeous journal from Papier is perfection. The journal can be used in any way (diary, general lists, wellness journal, etc.) Gives the person free reign to use it however they would like to. Bonus points for throwing some cute pens in there.

For the hair goddess

While I am certainly no hair expert, these are all gorgeous gifts I love and would love to receive.

The T3 curling iron. It's an incredible tool, and comes with all the various sizes of barrel. Also at the age of 31, I finally used how to use a curling iron. Who would've thought it'd be so challenging?

Salon quality or luxury hair care is always a great gift, or something to throw into stockings. We have been a huge Davine's family for quite some time. The Re-energizing Scalp Treatment is one I swear by, especially if you're suffering from hair loss. Any of their shampoos and conditioners, hair serums, and styling products would be fantastic.

Throw in a quality hairbrush as a gift option too. Because a girl needs a new hairbrush from time to time. Let's be honest.

A hair towel has been pivotal to my hair drying. 

Not to mention Silp scrunchies are the bomb dot com and don't leave indents in the hair, like most other scrunchies.

If you want to get boujee with it, shopping a boutique hair accessory brand like Emijay can get you super unique (and cute!) hair clips, hair ties, headbands, etc.

For the Wine Lover

I don't think anyone who loves wine is ever going to turn down a box of wine, or a membership to a wine club. I've always been a fan of Miraval when it comes to rosé, and a delicious $15+ bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is always a yes from me. Since I'm Bosnian, I love Wines of Illyria and they have some great deals.

Wine openers are always ideal, especially if they're a premium opener. I'm eyeing a few on the Crate and Barrel site, but haven't been able to justify it since the Breville one we have works just fine. 

In that same regard a wine stopper is an excellent addition to the wine tool collection, since most people don't finish a bottle of wine in one night. 

A coffee table wine specific book is a great gift too. 

Or a wine chiller for someone who loves whites and rosés.

What's on your wishlist this year?

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