The 2022 Rouge Dior Miniaudière Holiday Collection - adaatude

The 2022 Rouge Dior Miniaudière Holiday Collection

This is a close up shot of Adaleta Avdic holding one of the lipstick colors from the 2022 Limited Edition Rouge Dior Minaudière.

The 2022 Rouge Dior Miniaudière Holiday Collection

December 30, 2022


Dior has always had a place in my heart, especially when it comes to beauty. For a short period of time, I was even on the beauty PR list (just going to nonchalantly manifest that again for 2023.) When I saw Valeria's ad of the lipsticks alongside this limited edition clutch over on Instagram, I realized I absolutely needed this in my life. And for anyone who is asking, am I really going to use it as a clutch? Yes I really am. It's the perfect card holder. Not to mention this is such a timeless piece. 

In 2021, this minaudière came in a gold color making it less versatile. This year's minaudière was in a beautiful black color which is going to be a staple. Especially in your clutch category for years to come. Not to mention it's the most affordable Christian Dior clutch or bag you'll ever be able to get your hands on, so it's well worth it in my opinion. The side of the clutch has a full size lipstick tube, and the inside of the clutch has three (3) separate refill colors. 

So when it comes to the colors, they are fire. The iconic Dior red 999 comes in a velvet finish. I rocked this color a few times for Christmas celebrations, because it's the perfect shade of red. The refills come in 471 Enchanted Pink (a coral shade), 674 Midnight Rose (the most beautiful rosewood) and 913 Mystic Plum (deep purple). The deep purple gives me brown vibes and will likely be the least used color. Having said that, the other three are perfect shades for me. 

This season Dior also had a Limited Edition Lash Primer-Serum and Mascara Gift Set for a steal. $59. The lash primer was a fantastic discovery earlier this year during the Sephora Sale in April. It makes a huge difference for lashes, especially if you have lashes like mine that tend to go straight downwards. Without the primer, no mascara looks 100% great in my eyes, so it is crucial for that full lash effect. Honestly I don't really apply mascara without it because it is truly a waste. 

The mascara that goes along with it makes for a dynamic duo. Dramatic lashes that don't clump, sag or fall apart. I do find a lot of mascaras end up underneath my lower lashes so I look a bit like a drowned raccoon after an hour or two but this combo stayed in place. While this is not a clean alternative (and I do like to focus on a lot of cleaner options) this is such a fab finish.

The minaudière is still available (for only a few more days I imagine) so I highly recommend snagging it. While it might be a "holiday collection" it's truly timeless. Snag it here while you can. And in case you need more convincing to snag it, I did a little video over on Instagram (here) of all the items I bought, so you can take a peek at my mini unboxing. 

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