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The 7 Beauty Services I Do on a Regular Basis

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The 7 Beauty Services I Do on a Regular Basis

January 9, 2023


When it comes to beauty services, I recognize doing all of these is a bit excessive, but to each their own. In addition, some of these are a requirement or helpful to my business. Nails for example are mentioned in many of my contracts with language that specifies nails must be clean and manicured. I'm only sharing these specific services + who I see in Tucson, because I get asked quite often where I go and what I do. It's not as crazy as I initially thought, especially since I do space the services out.

*I will keep it updated too in the event any of these change. 

To me, the most important service that's perfect for my sanity is nails. It is my treat time, but it's also constantly mentioned in my contracts. Clean nails are part of the content creation, especially since I do a lot of closeups of skincare products. I've been going to Fernanda for over three (3) years now and I can no longer live without her. She's not only super talented, but she's become my friend and is an incredible person. I tell her all the time that I just love that her glass is always half full. I have a lot to learn from her, and I love her positive mentality. I'm so excited to go to the nail salon with Lilah when she's older. That'll be such a fun time! At the moment, I get a new set of nails every 3 weeks. While they get grown out in the 2-3 week time period, every 3 weeks is more conducive to my budget and my schedule.

Acupuncture is not necessarily a "beauty service" but I am throwing it into the mix because it is the most important service I do for my mental wellbeing as well as physical. It's really hard for me to explain how amazing it is, but all I can say is that it heals me from the inside out. I feel better mentally, physically and just overall. Aaron and my mom notice a huge shift in my mood and overall wellbeing, when it comes to getting acupuncture. A lot of people may call it "acustoned" but it's so true. A lot of the time I don't even fall asleep, but I feel so well rested and incredible when I leave. I'm looking into finding some good books to learn more about the magic and how it happens because every time I leave Dr. Katie's office, I am in awe of how amazing I feel. During pregnancy, I went every week. After Lilah was born, we waited 5 weeks before I went back in and did it every 2 weeks. Now that I'm essentially at 4 months postpartum, we're going to move it to every 3-4 weeks.

Over the last fifteen (15) years I have gotten very irregular massages. Some years I go three (3) times and some years I go almost every month. It's been inconsistent, but it really depends on how I feel physically. Either way Pamela at Unwind Therapeutics has always been incredible and I've never gone to anyone else (unless we're doing a resort or spa stay where services are included as part of our package.) Even during pregnancy, I got massages so she's skilled in prenatal too.

I believe in regular facials, administered by a professional. I think it's impossible to beat those med spa facials in comparison to anything you could potentially do at home. Also I have always preferred a Hydrafacial which is a facial x 10. For those, I go to ZL Tucson which is a medical spa. The entire team is incredible, and I've been seeing their staff for years and years for this enhanced facial situation. Amongst the facials, I also see Laura for Dysport and have done filler in the past with her. Instead of Botox, we have done Dysport, but the next appointment I will be doing Daxxify because the longevity of it is far longer than Botox and Dysport. Six to nine (6-9) months versus the average of three (3) months. Will definitely report back once I do it. The timing of these is all a little loose, and honestly I go with the flow. 

Last but not least, hair. I treat my hair with the least amount of care because to me it is the last priority. Many people prioritize their hair above their skin, or their nails. My nails looking nicer is more important than my hair being styled. Again, to each their own. Once I do my skincare and makeup, I'm also just too tired to do anything else. I have seen Grace, who is at Renaissance Salon, for cuts and color. She is fantastic with product recommendations, making you feel right at home and has the best personality. Most recently I did a full balayage with Em who owns Willow Salon which is just off 4th Avenue. She does fantastic color, and she has a full team. Meaning there's 2-3 people tending to your hair during each appointment which is really efficient to me (time is literally money these days) but also makes me feel really good. I go with the flow timing wise here, but we've planned to do toner every 2-3 months so far.

And with that, those are the services I do on a somewhat regular basis.

What are some services that are non negotiables for you?

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