The Before and After of One Round of Coolsculpting

This is a close up shot of a red criss cross back sweater.

The Before and After of One Round of Coolsculpting

July 23, 2018

Let me start this off by saying I am about to get really vulnerable. Sharing my body on the internet was never something I planned to do, when I started this journey online. I am so excited about my results after my first round of coolsculpting, and I want to share them with you. While coolsculpting is not a new technology, it's gotten so much better over the years (quicker, less painful, and more efficient). If you haven't read my post with all the details of what coolsculpting is, make sure to head there first. 

These are close up pictures of the right side of my love handles (flanks) before and after one round of coolsculpting.

My target area is the belly and love handles, because ever since I've been in middle school, I have had love handles. Back then, my hapkido instructor used to tell me the Hot Cheetos I was eating were going to stick with me, and find their place in my love handles. He wasn't wrong. This is where they stayed until recently. I actually didn't realize how much fat I had in my flank (proper term for love handles) until we started this coolsculpting process. It was quite disheartening when I saw how much was fat, and going through this process, made me realize not to just eat anything willy nilly. It's so hard to burn the fat in these difficult places, so I am much more conscientious of what I'm feeding my body with, and ensuring it's got some nutritional benefit. What a concept!

These are close-ups of the before and after one round of coolsculpting, on the left side of my love handles.

This is the before and after that really shows incredible results. I mean, look at this!? You can see a noticeable different in that flank area and it's just fascinating to me that one round of coolsculpting did this much. Keep in mind that while we did one round, we did 3 different areas to target the flank in its entirety. Each area takes 35 minutes of coolsculpting and with the prep and after-massage, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for each side's placement. We did each of these 3 areas for the flank over several appointments. This worked well for my body, and gave the area time to recover before the next placement. To know that one round can do this world of difference should motivate those who have very little fat to take advantage of this service if you've been thinking about it or are slightly interested. You've got nothing to lose by getting a consultation and speaking with a specialist at Red Mountain Weight Loss. If you've been following on Instagram, you know that I began training for a marathon so between this treatment, and the beginnings of running 3-4 times a week (used to only run once a week at most) the two have come together to change my body.

This is the before and after shot of my back love handle view.

This before and after is the hardest to share. My best friends did not believe that the before we me. When I showed them one by one, they assumed it was someone else and I had found the photo online. I know they didn't mean it in a bad way, but it was definitely eye-opening because I have been able to cover up my body for a while. I haven't worn a bathing suit in a while, and I sure as shit didn't take photos and post it online. No one could believe this was me, so seeing the before and after of this particular angle was eye-opening to everyone around me. It's so easy to cover your body and look slimmer and stylish in clothes. When the clothes come off, and it's just a bathing suit, the game's over because it's all out there. At that point, you can't hide. I don't want to hide anymore, and I want to be comfortable with myself. Anytime I lean over or bend over, I can feel my love handles and my belly. This is why I wanted to target this area of my body. Not just to look better, but I wanted it to feel better and just be more comfortable. Real and raw right now.

Red Mountain Weight Loss has slowly been changing my body, and therefore changing my life. Since I started, I have decided to train for a marathon to give my body the kick it needs to be more active. There are locations state-wide here in Arizona, and if you call any of the locations and mention my name (ADA, ADAATUDE or ADALETA) you will get 25% off any service you choose. It can be Botom, a facial, coolsculpting, etc. There are countless services, so take advantage of this incredible offer. As always, I like to disclaim that I do not make any money from you using this code. This is simply an extremely generous offer from Red Mountain, given some of their services can be hundreds of dollars. So many spa and weight loss services, you are bound to find something you've been considering.

Is coolsculpting something you've thought about? What questions do you have?

This is a close up walking shot of a red sweater in New York City.