The Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Hair

This is a gorgeous photo of my legs next to a white towel that's holding the new Pantene Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Hair

September 30, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Pantene.

When it comes to hair care, Pantene has always been such a leader in the space. I remember when I was younger, we couldn't afford the brand. If you've been here for a while, you know I come from very humble beginnings. It was a treat to buy Pantene and anytime we did, my hair smelled so good. Hence why now I am all about smell.

Something I've always loved about Pantene is their investment in science when it comes to their products. They've tested and seen results from all hair types. Not to mention their discovery of pro-vitamin B5’s hair benefits in the 40’s, helped uncover the specifics of what makes hair healthier long-term.

After using the new Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner, I have become obsessed (even more so) with charcoal. The activated charcoal helps to gently purify the hair by absorbing attracting the impurities within it. It's got aIt works like a magnetic attraction attracting to the dirt and grime, so it's much gentler than the typical shampoo and conditioner duo.

This is a close up of me grabbing for the Pantene Charcoal Shampoo, which is place on a gorgeous towel with roses.

Something I don't always mention is the conditioner I use, but I do think it's important to have a shampoo and conditioner. If I'm in a hurry some days, and just needed a quick cleanse post run, I just use shampoo but I like to incorporate conditioner several times a week but not every time I wash my hair. I'm a believer of letting your body do as much naturally as it can, so if I feel my hair is already soft and smooth, I'll skip the conditioner that day. However, I find it's important to incorporate it here and there. The combination of these two products in my hair care routine is unrivaled, and just makes my hair squeaky clean to the point where it's just so shiny. Not to mention this duo acts somewhat as a dry shampoo, keeping the hair clean and refreshed in between washes. You can thank the activated charcoal for that. 

This shampoo and conditioner duo has a lot of nutrient-infused ingredients with a Pro-V blend of activated Charcoal, pro-vitamin B5 and antioxidants. The best part? It's free of silicone (I hate silicone!) but it's also free of parabens and dyes. The activated charcoal helps to cleanse the hair and the scalp to remove dirt and impurities. Okay, but really something I've been looking for my whole life is something that helps to keep an oily scalp at bay. The activate charcoal helps to reset the balance on your scalp, so you can go back to a balanced scalp. Finally the activated charcoal blend works to detox hair by attracting impurities, but at the same time it is releasing antioxidants. It's a winning combination.

This is a close up of the back of my hair, which is healthy and super shiny, after using the Pantene Charcoal Shampoo.

I'd recommend snagging this duo next time you're at the store. Just add it to that Target shopping cart. No one will notice 😉

Have you ever tried shampoo or conditioner with activated charcoal?