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The Best Blowdryer in the Hair Game

This is a close up of the Chi Onyx Euroshine Blowdryer on my office table.

While many of us blow dry our hair on the regular, I’ve always been a bit of a believer that I don’t necessarily have to because I live in Arizona. In the summer, as soon as I walk outside with wet hair it is dry within minutes. It’s magical. Well… it’s cold now (it was 44 degree Fahrenheit this morning to be totally accurate) and I don’t want to go out in the morning with sopping wet hair. I finally realized that I absolutely had to find a blowdryer that worked for me, and my finicky hair tendencies.

This is a flat lay shot of the Chi Onyx Euroshine Blowdryer on my office table, alongside a Jo Malone candle and roses.

I had heard about Loxa Beauty for a while, but recently I did some more digging to find out exactly what it is they provide.  Loxa Beauty is an online beauty retailer, providing us as consumers with access to more than 4,000 professional hair and beauty products. They are also the exclusive online retailer for brands including Paul Mitchell (which you know I absolutely love!), Morgan Taylor, American Crew, Joico and more.

This post is in collaboration with Loxa Beauty. As always, all opinions and thoughts are always honest and always my own. I would encourage you to check out the Loxa Beauty site, because there’s a lot of tempting goodies for a beauty lover!

When Loxa reached out to me, I went through their site and picked some items I thought I would do well with. If you’ve been around my little sliver of the Internet for a while now, I’m not the biggest hair fanatic. To me, my hair doesn’t give me the same type of excitement that liquid lipsticks do, and I realized over the past two years that it is a problem. After battling with an extremely dry and itchy scalp, a pound of dandruff later, I realized it was time to take better care of my hair. I came to my senses and realized that I absolutely do not want to lose hair prematurely and I want to ensure my hair stays healthy and looking the best it can. I was excited for the opportunity to find tools that could help me with this end goal in mind. 

I had never tried any tools from Chi, but I do think Chi has a lot to offer and my girlfriends have always just raved about the brand. The Chi Onyx Euroshine Hair Dryer offers a mid-sized, European inspired design. It can collapse into a smaller size, which makes it incredibly travel-friendly – score for you who travel just as much as I do! It has a dryer grill infused with Onyx-Ceramic, which promotes negative ion distribution for intense shine enhancement. The one thing I really like is the capability to choose the heat, and amount of it. This blowdryer also features cool air too, which makes it even more useful in case you just need some air to style a look. This can dry my hair so quickly, and I don’t have to wait around for the normal 20+ minutes to ensure my hair is completely dry. All in all, I am super impressed with this blowdryer and it is the best one I’ve tried thus far.

If you’re convinced this is a badass blowdryer, I am giving one away. That way, you can see for yourself. Scroll down and watch my YouTube video and enter the giveaway.

What’s your favorite blowdryer?

This is a photo of the Chi Onyx Euroshine in my hand, as I use it to blowdry my own hair. I look quite happy with glee as the hair whips away from my face.

This is a photo of the Chi Onyx Euroshine in my hand, as I use it to blow dry my hair.

This is a close-up of my hair, with the Chi Onyx Euroshine Blowdryer being applied to it.

This is a shot of me blowing the hair away from my face with the Chi Onyx Blowdryer.

This is a close up of the blowdryer, on my office table.

In case you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, I am giving this awesome blowdryer away in my latest giveaway. It started on Sunday, so you have a couple more days to enter to win!

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This hair dryer will save my daughter lots of time in the morning. She has really thick hair which seems to take ages to dry. I’m getting one for her. Great stocking stuffer!

Sounds like a great blow dryer. I don’t think I’ve used one in the last at least 6 years. I would love to pick one up, it would really help my hair from going so frizzy and puffy when air drying.

Ohhh I’m totally checking this hair blow dryer out for the adjustable temperature feature! That sounds amazing, never heard of one having that! I’m trying to take care of my hair more as well. I never do much with it but now I dyed it blonde I’ve been trying to curl it more! Thanks for sharing (:!

Chi products were all the rage when I was in beauty school over ten years ago! I can only imagine how much their line has improved since then.

I wish I had seen this when my old dryer died last month! I had such a hard time deciding on which brand and kind to buy.

Ahh this dryer sounds amazing! I really need a new hair dryer – mine’s years old and definitely needs to be upgraded haha

Love this. Love the European look. Love that it dries quickly. Mine takes about 20 minutes as you rightly mentioned. Shine enhancement is an awesome feature. If it helps so much with styling , completely agree that this is the best product out there!

So i have a Paul Mitchell hair dryer but I’ve been looking for a new one and this one looks awesome. You don’t think a good quality hair dryer is important but it so is!

This blow dryer looks like it could work wonders. I am gonna have to look more into this one when the time comes to purchase a new one.

This looks like a great blow dryer! I have really thick hair so it usually takes FOREVER to blow dry my hair. I need to get a high duty one and this looks great!

Ohhh thanks for sharing! I totally need a new hairdryer. It’s been ages since I replaced mine and I need a good one!

Hairdryers are the type of thing that just break one day when you really need one LOL! I need to put this on my wish list!

This is something I struggle with over and over. I have a lot of wave, curl or something that completely frizzes out when drying. I need a dryer that likes my type of hair and helps me blow it into something fabulous every day!