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The Best of 2019: Favorites in Beauty, Fashion, Home & Lifestyle

The Best of 2019: Favorites in Beauty, Fashion, Home & Lifestyle

January 2, 2020

Well ladies and gentlemen, we've come to the end of yet another year and the beginning of a new decade. This means we have (Haley and I) tested hundreds of products throughout the year to see which ones are worth the hype, and which are better off left in 2019. There’s lots of products, tools and lifestyle finds that we have absolutely loved so much we honestly couldn’t imagine life without them now. This list is specifically to add some more efficiency, ease, and high-value items into your life. You are so welcome.

This image portrays some of Haley and Adaleta's favorite things including the Coola mineral sunscreen spray, Mrs. Meyers Peony Multi-Surface cleaner, Drunk Elephant C-Firma, Each & Every Natural Deodorant, and a gorgeous pink snakeskin handbag filled with Buxom lipgloss, Nars lip crayons, and shape tape concealer from Tarte.

Ada's favorite things:

The most hyped product from the adaatude HQ comes from Dr. Dennis Gross. If you’ve never heard of him before, you’re in for a treat. Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads are a staple in my everyday skincare routine. I use them 4-5 times a week, and it’s basically getting the results of a chemical peel without the discomfort (sometimes they do sting or burn a little) and in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price. If that’s not winning, I don’t know what is. Earlier this year, I actually got to meet Dr. Dennis Gross, and was fangirling so hard. There have been a few new products released this year, and I just cannot say enough good about the brand. If you’ve got a particular skin concern, head to their site and find some products specifically for you. If you’re in New York City, make sure to visit his 5th Ave office. 

Something I could smell all day long is only something from Jo Malone. I don’t think there is a scent I don’t like! Whether it’s day or night, I’m always reaching for my favorite Jo Malone fragrance. When I shared my current fave (blackberry and bay scent) so many of you told me that was your favorite scent too. It’s unisex and can really apply for male or female which makes the versatility so easy to rock on the regular. 

The hype surrounding the Billie Razor is very real. More and more skeptics are trying out the razor, and I do like that some of us focused on only sharing the best of the best are skeptical. Usually, when the Internet hypes something up, it should definitely be checked. However, when it comes to the razor, it is brilliant. Something about the blades, the handle, and the overall razor makes for the smoothest shave I have ever been able to achieve. What is this sorcery!? Seriously, can someone tell me? I love the razor, and it is worth the hype (unlike 99% of the products overhyped on social media). Plus the cost is extremely approachable, considering refillable cartridges are sometimes $20+

We recently got an airfryer, and it has made such a difference because it replaces our oven (which takes a lot of electricity to heat and use given it’s a larger sized oven), our toasted and also our microwave. There is honesty nothing this air fryer can’t do, and it does it so quickly. You can cook an entire turkey in there, or you can heat up a quick spinach artichoke dip. Not to mention you can toast your bagels, slow cook meat and even air fry your potatoes to give them that crunchy fried texture. 

A few months ago I was stumped because I love having my nails done, but the cost ($35+) and time commitment (1.5 + hours) were a total drag. I saw a meme recently that said “can I leave my nails and come back for them in 3 hours!?” because honestly, the time commitment is very real. I know I know where do I get off? But listen, I am trying to accomplish anywhere between 50-200 business-related tasks per day (don’t even bring my personal life into it or we’ll be here until Friday.) Luckily I found an amazing solution, and I’m so so happy with it especially since I was a skeptic for YEARS! I’ve shared a few times on my stories about imPress press-on nails, and they are even better in person! I’ve switched up my nails about 3 times in the last month and it’s not only fun, but they last a long time and I can really shape and mold them however I want. Did I mention they take t minus 2 minutes to apply? Yep, that’s righttt. Get yourself a few sets.

La Mer is a luxury brand I decided to do a bit of testing with this year because I had heard such great things about it from everyone. Especially those that are about twice my age. Again, I’m a skeptic so I had to give it go. The moisturizing cream is a splurge (RIP my bank account) but it does moisturize like no other product I’ve tried. I recommend purchasing during the Sephora sale (that’s when I splurged since I got 20% off while splurging). I’m all about saving money, so as sales pop up throughout the year, I’ll be sure to coax you into purchasing La Mer around that timeframe. If you’re not dying for the moisturizer now, why not wait a few months and save a few dollars? 

Kiehl’s can do no wrong by me, and it's a skincare brand I’ve loved since before I even shared anything on social media. I remember back in 2010 and 2011 frequenting my local Dillard’s in Tucson to get my hands on some Kiehl’s samples. It was a brand I could not afford in college, but I saw such immediate and dramatic differences I knew I had to have it in my life long-term. The midnight recovery concentrate is really the staple product that completely changed the game for them, especially with us millennials. We love a good serum and something moisturizing, especially when it yields nearly instantaneous results. When it comes to a simple moisturizer for both men and women (you and your significant other can share!) Aaron and I are head over heels for the ultra facial cream. This is always a top-selling product for Kiehl’s because it’s the tried and true, reliable moisturizer that can do no wrong. I’ll also tell you the lip balm is one of my ride or dies. I have different flavors in different purses, so you know that shit is actually moisturizing.

The Creamy Eye Cream is how I keep my under eyes even, smooth, and lush. It’s one of my favorite eye creams because the consistency is so rich and smooth. Not to mention avocadoes are the best at doing that magic in that extremely sensitive under-eye area.

When it comes to vitamin C, you know I’ve been preaching preaching preaching. It really helps your skin perform at its highest level and it’s super beneficial putting that vitamin C on the skin, especially in the morning before a long day out in the city. While there’s a few I love (Dr Dennis Gross Vitamin C Serum) there’s some that just take the cake for me. My go to is typically Drunk Elephant C-firma because it gives my skin the boost of radiance it needs, and an ample amount of glow each morning! In addition, Skinceuticals makes an epic one that I need to have in my reservoir at all times. The C+E Ferulic Acid is the best vitamin C daily serum I’ve found thus far. Not to mention it lasts me several months, gives me an instant brightness and elasticity to the skin and gives me the dose of vitamin C I need on the regular. What more can a girl ask for?

I also shared in my fall skincare video how much I adore oils. Over the years I’ve uncovered a lot of misconceptions about oils and that you “shouldn’t” be using them if you have oily skin. It’s actually the complete opposite. If your skin is oily (greasy, oil prone, breaking out, etc) that means your skin is actually dry and your body is trying to compensate by using the oils, foods and other things you consume to hydrate your skin. You don’t want your skin to do this, especially if your diet is not ideal (thinkin chicken tenders, french fries, soda, etc.) Using an oil like this one from Drunk Elephant helps your skin get the proper hydration it needs, without the bad oil your skin would attempt to produce. Oils are necessary for all skin types, and I just love the effectiveness of the Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil from Drunk Elephant. 

Most of my days are spent working from home, and lately, it’s been chilly especially when walking on non carpet surfaces. I’ve been really breaking in my slippers, which were a total steal and just so adorable. Speaking of shoes, I have been rocking my Steve Madden sneakers ever since they came in the mail a few weeks ago. They are just so comfortable (no blisters ever) and they’re super stylish since they have a little Golden Goose vibe to them. 

Probably the most expensive item I am loving right now is the Dyson Airwrap, and it was kindly gifted to be from the team at Dyson. I am so grateful because I really wanted it for Christmas, so the timing honestly couldn’t have been better. I had heard a lot of good things about the blow dryer, but I wanted all the styling attachments in the box. This tech behind this collection is insane and continues to amaze me every time I use it. My hair is basically getting curled without me doing too much (the attachment literally sticks to the hair and rolls it up as you move the wand closer to your head.)

Would it really be a list of my favorite things if I didn’t talk about Butcher Box? You guys know how much I enjoy this subscription based service, and for good reason. Butcher Box is dedicated to convenience, quality, and value. The freshest meat is delivered right to your doorstep and for us, protein is definitely the pinnacle of each meal. I add veggies and carbs once we know which protein we’re focusing on in the meal. 

Making coffee at home this year was so easy, thanks to Breville. I have the Creatista Plus Espresso machine that makes espresso drinks so ridiculously easy. When we first got it, I was making 2-3 cappuccinos a day. I’ve definitely toned it down since then (thank goodness for everyone around me haha!) We even gave away a few of these during Adaclaus, which was the best. Being able to share the love is such a big deal and something we absolutely love.

The Spanx Leather Leggings nearly broke the internet this year, and I must say they are so worth it. They hold you in while looking incredibly chic! 

I shared a lot about my Emsclupt journey this year, and I really did like the results I saw. I think it’s a great option for body contouring and has been my favorite so far! 

I was able to save a lot of time in the mornings by getting my lashes done at Amazing Lash Studio in Oro Valley. They look better than mascara or strip lashes, and are a total time saver. 

Earlier this year, I designed a necklace with one of my all time favorite jewelry brands. It’s absolutely stunning, and there is so much meaning behind it. It’s still available to shop on the Sequin Jewelry website! 

Studio 33 NYC makes fashionable bags at an attainable price point, plus they’re cruelty-free. I love the variety of styles and sizes, and I love using them to dress up any outfit! 

This month I shared how I decorate my bar cart for the holidays, which you can read here. My bar cart is my pride and joy, and we’ve gotten a lot of use out of it this year. It’s the perfect way to entertain guests while also adding some decor to your home. I’ve really been loving the candles from Nest, because the fragrance is beautiful and I’m a sucker for the packaging. I’ve found a ton of them on sale here.

This year I made an effort to purchase more products with less toxins. From natural deodorant to no birth control, I really made an effort to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals from my daily routine. I came across Caraway Home when searching for non-toxic cookware, and I really love their pots and pans. They’re non-stick ceramic so you don’t have to worry about a messy cleanup, and they’re free from all the bad stuff. Their set also comes with an organizer for the lids making storage a total breeze. If you’re ready to make the switch, use ada25 at checkout to save some money! 

I was able to sell some of my gently used handbags and purchase some new ones this year thanks to Julia Rose Boston. If you’re not following her on Instagram yet, what are you doing?! I will admit, her stories are dangerously addicting. I was able to get my hands on the highly coveted multi pochette bag with her help, and it’s become one of my favorite bags ever. I love the multi-function use and style. 

I've admired Tezza for a long time and purchased several of her items this year. I decorated my office his year with her collage kit that comes with a ton of different photos. You can see some of the photos I chose to use, here.

 This year was full of Trader Joe’s trips for me, and I found some new favorites this year that I keep on hand in the kitchen. First is the Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, it’s so good on avo toast. They also came out with a Everything But The Bagel Seasoning Greek Yogurt Dip which is perfect for any party. Their alcohol section is amazing too, and I’ve found some great wine and beer from Trader Joe’s. I love the Brewed Ginger Beer, and it’s great for Moscow mules.

I added CrossFit workouts to my routine this year, and Perfect Bars were the best pre-workout snack. I attend classes in the morning, so it was the ultimate breakfast snack that kept me fueled throughout my workout. I also reached for my Ellie Activewear leggings pretty often this year, and I love the fun legging trends and patterns. They don't roll down and are so comfortable! If you need headphones for a workout, I recommend Airpods. They are one of the greatest inventions ever, and I use them daily. It's great to zen out and listen to music and not have to worry about any cords getting tangled up. I'm all about worry-free products, so this was a great investment! I got some for Haley for her birthday too, and she absolutely loves them. 

If you're looking to try out new products, but don't know where to start, check out Boxycharm. They send full-size products straight to your door so you can test out what's new in skincare and beauty. It's one of the best subscription boxes I've come across because there is so much value packed inside each month. 

For sunscreen, I use Elta MD on my face and coola on my body. These are my two ride-or-die sunscreen products, and keep me safe under the Arizona sun. After applying my sunscreen, I use my trusted beauty blender to apply my favorite Nars foundation. Then I usually reach for one of my favorite lip products, and this year I loved the Honest Beauty liquid lipsticks. If I didn't use one of those, I reached for a lipstick from MAC or my Nars lip crayon. At the end of the day, I use the Soy Fresh face cleanser to wipe away makeup, it works like a charm!

We purchased several things from Crate & Barrel this year, and the cat caves are one of the best things we took home with us. Our cats love them and spend hours each day hanging out in them. If you're a cat owner, you check these out. You guys know I love a good cocktail, so we purchased these ice cube trays, hatch rock glasses, a hatch mixing glass, and a bar spoon with a muddler so we could take our beverages to the next level. 

Lastly, I have to say I've found some of the cutest headbands from Amazon this year. I love these pearl embellished ones, and they can really make a simple outfit look more put together. They don't feel tight on your head, so you don't have to worry about a headache. They come in a huge pack with all different colors, so you can match accordingly. 

Haley’s favorite things: 

Once I finally got my hands on the Tarte Shape Tape concealer several years ago, I was able to test out the hype for myself. Since then, it’s been a staple in my makeup routine.

It’s safe to say my Barefoot Dreams Blanket was 110% worth every penny. It is so buttery and soft. It’s weird to say it, but this has quickly become my adult version of a “blankie” haha! 

Before owning a wet brush, brushing my hair after a shower was a chore. It’s such a simple swap, but makes such a difference! 

Smart Sweets are such a great alternative to candy. They are no Reese’s Cup but they do the trick. I love them because they’re guilt-free sweets, and packed with fiber. I order them in bulk from Thrive Market and sneak them into the movie theaters with my friends. They are so delicious and only have 3g of sugar PER BAG. 

Adidas Ultraboost sneakers are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I got a pair a few years ago for Christmas and I’ve been hooked since. They’re a little pricey, but the quality is unmatched. I’ve had my first pair for a few years now, and I’m still asked if I got new shoes when I wear them out. They’re that good! 

I’ve had a Louis Vuitton Key Pouch for a few years now too, and it’s been worth every penny. I use it every single day, to keep my cards and some cash close to my keys. It’s attached to my keys, and it’s great to leave the house knowing you’ve got everything all on one keychain.

I just got a weighted blanket about a month ago, but it’s quickly made its way to being one of my favorite things. I was a little skeptical at first, but I finally purchased this one and I’ve been sleeping like a rock since. 

My all-time favorite lip gloss year after year is White Russian from Buxom. This looks good over pretty much any nude lipstick and adds so much shine. I always repurchase them at Ulta during their 21 days of Beauty event, when you can get them for 50% off. 

I didn’t know I needed a Google Chromecast until I had one. I use mine every day to play music on my TV, listen to a guided meditation, or to watch Disney+. Your phone is the remote, and you can take it anywhere with WiFi to set up. 

I’m a dedicated Mrs. Meyers fan, and 2019 was full of amazing new scents. The peony scent sold out everywhere so I used my multi-surface cleaner very sparingly, and I was so excited to hear it became a permanent scent! If you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to check it out next time you’re at Target.

We all know Lush Cosmetics has some of the most amazing bath products, and I found the holy grail product a few months ago called Magic Crystals. It’s a purple scrub sold in a jar that smells like fresh mint and eucalyptus. I use this 1-2x a week to exfoliate my skin, and it leaves it feeling super fresh and tingly. It’s amazing to use after an intense workout because it’s so soothing for your muscles! 

I keep Liquid IV stocked at all times. I love the passion fruit flavor the most, and they totally help me drink more water throughout the day. 

Hippeas are basically adult Cheetos, need I say more? 

My tried and true favorite planner is from Erin Condren. I’ve been reordering them for about four years now, and I’ll never go back! I love writing things down and checking them off, and these planners are filled with inspirational quotes and tools to help you measure and track your goals. Plus you can customize it, so you can make it yours.

I think I got my first Caboodle when I was like seven LOL so you could say I’m back to my roots. These are so ideal for travel, and particularly camping. Random right? It has a mirror and a ton of compartment space to store all of your makeup and beauty products, and you can get ready right in front of it with the angled mirror. I love mine so much I purchased another one to store all of my hair and skin care.

You can catch me wearing my Ugg slippers around the house, and sometimes even out and about. They keep your feet super warm and are really cozy! 

If you’re looking for leggings that hug your legs and feel like butter, check out the space dye leggings from Beyond Yoga. These are my absolute favorite day to day leggings EVER.

If you’re always losing your keys or phone, do yourself a favor and grab a Tile. They’re literally a lifesaver! 

If you’re a Trader Joe’s shopper, be sure to check out their Cookie Butter. It’s simply magic. It’s great melted and drizzled over ice cream or for dipping your apples in. 

If you’re into astrology, check out Co-star.  It gives you the ultimate breakdown of your zodiac sign, and your birth chart. It’s kind of crazy but pretty cool! One of my favorite apps on my phone. 

Every wine lover needs an automatic wine bottle opener. I’ve had one for about two years now and it’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets! 

I love my Laniege Lip Mask because it adds moisture and shine to my lips, giving them that hydrated and glossy look! 

I got a rapid charger with my new iPhone, and it can go from 0-100 in about 45 minutes. I recommend this to anyone who’s phone is always dying! 

Mame Soy Candles are handmade in Arizona and have the cutest quotes on them. They smell incredible, and make the best gift! 

I saw these fleece pajamas all over Instagram and finally caved. They are the softest pajamas I have ever worn, and are really breathable too. 


This image shows some of Haley and Adaleta's favorite things, in a flat lay. There's Coola mineral sunscreen spray, Mrs. Meyers Peony Multi-Surface cleaner, Drunk Elephant C-Firma, Each & Every Natural Deodorant, and a gorgeous pink snakeskin handbag, a wet hair brush, Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads, an Erin Condren planner and the WRNS game.

I like my water cold, so it’s no wonder why my Hydroflask goes everywhere I do. I drink so much more water when I drink from mine! 

I never thought I would be one to love a vacuum so much, but the Dyson vacuum makes cleaning easy and fun. I love that it’s cordless, so I can vacuum my car at home. 

Earlier this year I swapped to a natural deodorant after learning more about the toxins in the products I was already using from Ada. Each & Every Natural Deodorant has become a staple in my daily routine! My favorite scent is lavender and lemon. You can use ADAATUDE at checkout for a discount! 

I’m picky about my stationery, and I’ve tried a lot of different pens. These are my favorites! 

The infomercial for MyPillow is a little intense but somehow it still sold me. I just got a new one this year, and pretty much anyone who’s related to me owns one now.

Where the Crawdads Sing was one of my favorite books I read this year. Next year, one of my goals is to read more, so if you have any recommendations, please share them with us below! 

Adaleta introduced me to my new favorite denim brand back during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they truly are the most comfortable jeans ever. Kut from the Kloth has such a wide variety of fashion staples, and their jeans are breathable and move with your body. Constricted jeans are a thing of the past! 

I got a sample of the new YSL perfume earlier this year, and it’s seriously one of my favorite scents ever. I haven’t purchased the new bottle yet, but I’m cherishing every drop in my little sample bottle! 

Nordstrom has this incredibly soft and plush robe that has pockets. Robes with pockets are the only way to go in my opinion, and you don’t realize how much you use them until you have one! 

Friends is one of my favorite shows, and it’s leaving Netflix soon (BRB CRYING) but luckily my brother gifted me with the DVD set. I watch one episode each night before falling asleep! 

I love being able to display my favorite jewelry pieces so they’re safe and visible, it makes picking out accessories for outfits so much easier. This is the organizer I’m using currently, but this is the one I may upgrade to!

My salt crystal lamp has been a staple in my room for about three years now. There are so many benefits, and I always have mine dimly lit. It helps with mood, stress, sleep, asthma, and so much more.

Earlier this year my hands got so dry, they started to scab. It was super painful, and I finally found a hand cream that moisturizes my skin without irritating it. 

Basic tees are a total essential and staple in my closet, and I found a few brands I loved this year that are great quality for the price. 

If you enjoy listening to music in the shower, while you’re getting ready, or on a hike with friends, check out this portable, waterproof speaker. 

Sheet masks are my jam, and it was really hard to narrow it down to my number one favorite. This sheet mask is less than $5, and provides so much hydration and glow to my skin, it’s insane. Plus, the eye cutouts are stars, how fun is that?

I love that plastic straws are becoming a thing of the past, but can we all just agree that paper straws are the worst? I got a set of stainless steel straws that I love, and they’re portable so you can bring them with you everywhere you go.

The Anastasia brow wiz used to be my favorite brow pencil, but I found a dupe for it that’s just $2. It lasts much longer and goes a lot further in my opinion! 

Platters and Boards is a huge cookbook filled with different recipes for charcuterie boards. They have a different board for any occasion or event. I’ve referenced this several times this year!

My MacBook Pro has been hanging out with me for over five years, and it’s one of my favorite things.

I love journaling and creating bullet journals, and this company takes old books and turns them into journals. Cool right? They have a variety of books available and you can even have one custom made!

In 2019 I really got into jewelry, and these bracelets were frequently on my arm stack. You can even shower with them on and they’ll never tarnish! 

One of the most popular books out there is The Secret, and for good reason. It’s all about manifestation and the power of positivity. It’s an awesome read if you haven’t checked it out already. 

Nobody likes germs, but nobody wants unnecessary chemicals either. Kleenex makes these wipes that kill 99.9% of germs without any chemicals. I keep these in my car and purse. 

WRNS is a game I waited many months to get my hands on, and it was well worth the wait. It is a way for you to dive deeper into your relationships and get to know people on a better level. It sells out quickly, so be sure to join the presale list. 

What are the best products you came across this year? Share with us below, so we can try them out in 2020! 

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I also need the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel pads in my life! They are so easy to use every day and feel like they are helping my old acne scars whenever I use them on my face. I also love me some good Kiehl’s products and use the cleanser from them each night. This is an excellent round up of products from 2019!

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I find it hard to read in long paragraphs. If you could list them in bullets or in checklist it would be more convenient to read.

That’s a great list. I have been planning to buy an air fryer for sometime now. The points you mentioned has made me decide to do this soon.

This post puts me in the mood to go shopping for some reason. I’ve been meaning to get a new pair of headphones, and thinking of going for a samsung compatible wireless headphone like the airpod. Also love the idea of a bar cart! How chic!

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