The Best Person to Be is Yourself

This is a full body shot of my outfit featuring a tan ASOS sweater, blue jeans and leopard flats.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on various elements of my life. My friendships, my relationship, my corporate personality, my health, my blog and all of you. The list goes on and on.

This is a half body shot looking to the right, with my hand through my hair.

I really feel like people have been pushing me in all sorts of directions, and I’ve been trying to get ahold of what I want and pursue that. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to report to yourself, and your conscience. While we are our toughest critic, we also have to live with our decisions.

When it comes to my style, while I may not have Chanel bags, I have a lot more style than I did two years ago. I’m going to rock whatever it is I own and like. I’m not going to worry about what someone in my day to day is going to think of me in OTK boots, or purple pants. I just want to wear what I want, and not just follow trends. Can I make my own trends?

When it comes to my friendships, I have realized that there are some seriously amazing friends I’ve made over the internet, but may have never met in “real life.” Some of the best people I’ve ever had the chance of encountering were found online. I’ve found that sometimes people in real life aren’t that great, and meeting someone with similiar interests and goals is significantly better than someone who is “easy” to hang out (work, neighbors, etc.) 

I have also decided I want to rekindle some friendships and make them work. I’ve had a lot of friends in my life, and some friendships. Some have become bad friends due to jealousy (remember this post?) Some haven’t done anything to me, but sometimes friendships fall apart. You grow apart.  You don’t have time and have to prioritize. You know how it goes. I have made a decision to put effort out and try to bring more people in my life. While the other person may not have put interest into the friendship, I will make the first move to get them back into my life. This is what I want, and doing this feels more like me than not welcoming people with open arms.

When it comes to the corporate life, I am striving to be more friendly in general. Sometimes it’s so hard (not gonna lie) when you get ridiculous questions or have to answer phone calls when you’re swamped with hours and days of work with not enough time. It’s better to be nice to people, and waste a few years of your work day. Right

When it comes to my business, I will do what I want. I’m tired of people telling me I’m affecting their business, or they don’t agree with my tactics. I don’t go to a restaurant and tell them how to run their business, and therefore, no other blogger should be judging me or criticizing me for running my business the way I want to. We all hustle, and we do so honestly. I will run my business the way I want to. It’s been working for me thus far. I’m realizing the best decisions for my blog, social media and YouTube channel and honestly, I’m finally in a groove. I am a hustler, an entrepreneur, and I’ve always wanted to succeed. Especially since my parents sacrificed everything to get me to the US to give me opportunity. 

All in all, the general reason I wanted to write this post is to say that we should all listen to our heart, and go with what we feel is right. We should not let others define who we are, whether it’s professionally or personally. I just saw a post in one of my Facebook groups asking what to wear to NYFW, and how they felt uncomfortable being themselves in sneakers and distressed denim with a cute tee. My advice is always the same. Be who you are. You do you boo. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, or tell you what to do. Make your own decisions and spread positivity (even if it seems impossible at times.) And if it feels like you have no one on your side, know that I am on your side. I love to support everyone in their journey and their own endeavors.

Be you

This is a close up of the top half of my body, featuring my Jimmy Choo sunglasses and a tan ASOS sweater.

If you notice, I wear the same two rings on my hands all the time. My evil eye ring, and my xo ring. Both from Mejuri. I’ve been rocking my Fossil watch, and I’ve had it for years , alongside this luxurious pair of sunglasses. I know people spend money on bags, but I decided to splurge on a pair of sunglasses that somehow are still in good condition (it’s a miracle really.) This sweater has been one of my favorites from a recent haul I did on ASOS (I even filmed the haul for you so make sure to give it a watch if you haven’t already!)

Shop the outfit

This is a close up of my lace up leopard flats during the golden hour.

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