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The Best Skincare Routine Order 2024

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The Best Skincare Routine Order 2024

February 18, 2024


Truly the most commonly asked question after you brand yourself the skincare crazed fashionista. So here's my skincare bible for you, and don't get all crazy on me because it's not the order you thought you knew. This is my method. I'm not certified in a damn thing, but I have tried thousands of products over the last 11 years of my journey as a beauty content creator. And I tend to think my skin looks pretty good for an almost 33 year old.


In the AM, cleanse the skin from the night's oils, sweat, etc. In the PM, always double cleanse even if you didn't wear makeup. Sunscreen still needs a good double cleanse to be removed. Remember that most skin concerns are due to lack of proper cleansing. Several derms have told me that the last few years so take cleansing very seriously.

Tone and/or essence

Lots of people skip this step. If you find that your skin is drying out, skip every other day. However this is a great step for ensuring that you got all the dirt and debris off, but it also gets your skin slightly damp. Toning can be just the use of a peel pad (like my favorites from DDG.) You can consider essence an additional step if you're a skincare lover like me, as toner tends to be the last step of the cleansing part of your routine, and essence is the first step of the treatment part of your routine. If you'd like me to dive into this in more detail, let me know in the comments as it's a topic all on its own. 

Eye cream

This is a controversial one because *most people apply eye cream after serums and sometimes even after moisturizer, but I find that a bit silly. Because eye creams and eye serums are formulated to be thinner for the thin under eye area, you want to make sure that's the product that's getting into the area first. By the time you apply all your face serums and moisturizer, the other products might not allow your eye cream to get to that skin. Does that make sense?


To keep it simple, I like to use vitamin C in the daytime and leave the vitamin A for nighttime. I'm up to doing anything hydrating (niacinamide, squalane, hyaluronic, etc) in the AM or PM. If your skin is lacking hydration, you could go in with hydrating serums in the morning and night. If your skin is doing ok, do it just in the nighttime after double cleansing. There are so many serums for so many different skin concerns, but as a rule of thumb you want to apply the thinnest formulation first and the thickest last. 


My favorite step, and usually my favorite formulation to apply. Pick something lighter for the daytime, that goes nicely under makeup and a thicker cream for the nighttime so you can sleep with a creamy layer of hydration. 


I mean if you're into that sort of thing. I tend to be very careful and mindful of my usage of oils. Several dermatologists have told me that oils should be avoided when possible. Oils can (and will) clog the pores if used in abundance. Another topic for a separate post, but if you find that your skin is producing too much of its own oil, it means you need to add a little more hydration. Oils are immediate glow boosters, and can help the skin but you want to apply after moisturizer. Oil seals everything in so if you're using an oil BEFORE moisturizer, your moisturizer is just sitting on top of your skin and it's not actually getting into the skin. If I'm using an oil I go in with 2-3 drops max and then gentle press into the skin after I've already removed some of the excess.


In the daytime, obvi. Whether it's summer or winter, you always need to apply sun protection during the day. The sun will get you through windows, the car, the quick walk to the mailbox, etc. Just put it on and then you don't have to worry about it too much if you're only outside for a short period of time. I prefer mineral sun protection because it's better for the endocrine system. These will usually include zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. 

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know which skincare question I should dive into next because there's a lot to dissect with almost every single step and/or product.

What order have you been applying your skincare products in?

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