The Best Subscription Box Gift Ideas

The Best Subscription Box Gift Ideas

December 19, 2019

Are you feeling a little stumped on what to get someone for the holidays? This year, I'm trying to be more mindful and practical with the gifts I'm giving. I want people to actually use the things I give them, so it's important they give some value, BUT I also want them to love their gifts. Luckily, there is a happy medium! I've rounded up some various different subscription boxes that are sure to be put to good use throughout the year and put a huge smile on someone's face. 

This is a flat lay of various subscription gift ideas for the holidays.

If you’ve been on Instagram in the last month, you’ve probably seen or heard about Billie. For just $9 a month, Billie sends a razor and cartridges straight to your door. They have various other products too, like shaving cream, body wash, and lotion. Everyone raves about how close of a shave they get with Billie, and Ada agrees, it’s worth the hype! This subscription is a gift that someone will actually use. It’s really practical, which we love! 

After seeing Kylie Jenner’s unboxing of her BoxyCharm, I was intrigued. You can get over $100 worth of full-sized products, for just $25. These brands include Living Proof, Tarte, Glam Glow, and so much more. Each month you get a ton of different beauty products straight to your door. We love that they’re full-sized, so you can get a good idea of how much you really like the product, or give them to friends! 

I was so excited when I stumbled upon a cool subscription box called, Book of the Month. They pick out five new reads every month, and you select which one you’d like sent to your door. They have an entire community, which is amazing because you get the benefits of a book club without having to leave the house. This is a great gift idea for the book worm in your circle! 

It’s no secret that Butcher Box is one of Adaleta’s all-time favorite subscription boxes, and for good reason. They’re focused on convenience, value, and quality, so you can spend less time searching for the best meat and more time enjoying it. You have the option to send curated boxes or customized boxes filled with high-quality beef, chicken and pork. The meat is delivered frozen, straight to your door, carefully packaged in an insulated box. You can manage how often you’d like your box delivered, and change your meat selections anytime. This makes an awesome gift, and they’re giving free ground beef and bacon right now!

Almost everyone I know reads the Cosmopolitan magazine. If you’re stumped on what to give as a white elephant gift with your girlfriends, a cosmo subscription is it. I love that they share fashion, beauty, love, astrology, and even some crazy stories. This month they featured a true-crime exclusive, and I am here for it. Grab 12 issues for just $12! 

Hello Fresh gives you all the ingredients and instructions to make dinner time easy. You can choose from a number of recipes each week, so you can satisfy your cravings! If you know someone who is frequently on the go and scrambling come dinner time, a Hello Fresh subscription makes a wonderful gift. 

LOLA is a brand dedicated to women’s health and wellness, sending subscription boxes of period and sexual products with you in mind. LOLA uses 100% certified organic cotton, that’s free of toxins, dyes, and synthetic fibers. Finally, a women’s product that’s made with your health in mind! While this may seem like an odd gift to give, you know they’ll be used. Their boxes are super modern and customized to fit your needs. With each purchase, they make a donation to make menstrual care more accessible for women across the U.S.

Sephora Play is one of my favorite sample-sized beauty subscriptions. They send five beauty products and a travel-sized perfume each month for just $10 (that includes shipping). It’s a variety of the products sold at Sephora, so you know you’re getting some good stuff. It comes in a super cute reusable cosmetics bag that is perfect for taking all of your favorite minis with you on the go. 

I have heard such amazing things about Singles Swag. It’s a monthly subscription box for all the single ladies in your life! They send treats, organic beauty products, books, jewelry, accessories and so much more for just $39 a month. I’ve seen some amazing unboxings of these boxes, and a great part about this subscription box is that they donate a portion to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I'd love to hear about gifts you've received over the years that were the most valuable to you. 

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