The Best Tik Tok Approved Beauty Products

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The Best Tik Tok Approved Beauty Products

March 14, 2020

Over the last few months, I have been sharing a lot of my favorite items on Tik Tok. It's allowed me to show you all the new items I'm receiving in PR and also review more and more products. I don't necessarily use the same 8 products (like I used to) because I really want to test more and go back to my original beauty editing days. Back in 2012 and 2013, all I did was review beauty so I'm really excited to get back to my roots and area of expertise. After sharing a few beauty tips in this video that ended up going viral, I realized I had a special place on the platform doing beauty reviews, sharing tips, tricks on skincare application and anything makeup related I think could help others, especially since the majority demographic on Tik Tok is 18-24. The perfect audience to teach different tricks!


Makeup wipes are horrible for the skin.

(And even worse for the environment.)

These are alternatives that aren't going to damage your skin, but still get the job done. You saw the Face Halo mentioned in this video.

I found one of the best beauty dupes of all.

La Mer is a high end beauty brand, and the lip plumper is $75. It is a fantastic product and seems to make an immediate difference in the lips. Lucky fo you, I found a very good dupe from Too Faced, priced at $21 (so a third of the cost) and they have so many similarities. While I love both of the consistencies, the price tag for the Too Faced one is a lot more reasonable but you're still getting a great product. Highly recommend adding this pillow balm into your cart!

What's a good dry shampoo?

There's lots I love, but these were definitely the top of the 20+ I had in my beauty cabinet. One honorary member I didn't have in my hands is the Lush Cosmetics Dry Shampoo too. It's honorary because it works well, has less chemicals than some of the others, but it is so messy. You have to use it naked, let your hair soak it in and then put your clothes on. Otherwise you will ruin your outfit!

2 quick tips to boost collagen quickly

(especially for those of us over 25)

Tik Tok lost their minds over Gucci dupe headbands.

For real though. This was the second most watched video of mine because everyone said the Gucci headband dupes looks so real. $14 for 3, versus 1 for $400+.

What's the easiest way to tan your face without the sun?

This hyaluronic self tan serum is the perfect way to get that natural golden glow, with no sun damage.

David Yurman dupes are great.

When it comes to designer jewelry, I personally don't always want to spend hundreds on a piece. Not to mention, most people can't or will never spend that kind of money. That's why I decided to rock some David Yurman dupes, which are very realistic especially since people won't be examining your arm candy individually. A lot of the Tik Tokers wanted these links, and you have quite a few options when it comes to silver, gold, mix of both and so forth.



What's the difference between toner and essence?

There are huge differences between a toner and an essence, and many people didn't know they weren't one and the same. They're not made even from a formulation standpoint, in the same one. Toner is water based and essence is oil based, but I explained more detail about each of the two in this video. While I don't have a lot of favorites in this category, I broke down the ones that were the best and that work really well. 

You're over cleansing your skin.

While I didn't recommend specific cleansers in this video, I made it clear that the best course of action is to use a facial cleanser once a day. Specifically at nighttime to wash the entire day off your skin, but cleansing in the morning is over-drying. Not necessary.

This is a flat lay of Gucci items, including Gucci tights, Gucci belt, Gucci bag and a Gucci barette.

Which Gucci is fake?

The video got so many comments with lots of people guessing which one of the four items was a fake. Most people were very wrong, which was so interesting to me. 

My top 5 things from Ulta.

Since I've seen so many people sharing their favorite items from Ulta, I had to give you a few of mine too. A healthy mix.

In this photo, Adaleta Avdic hold the Each & Every deodorant.

Some of my favorite Amazon things.

As most of you know, lots of great things can be found on Amazon. Dupes, everyday essentials, fashion, and much more. These are my favorite beauty and fashion finds at the moment. Half are dupes, one is an everyday essential and the rest are organizational.

Some new in makeup.

While there's lots new in makeup, these are the top five I've been absolutely loving this month (March 2020) and that's why they deserve some extra mentions.

This foundation from MUFE is a perfect mix of skincare and makeup, and one of the most unique blends. This foundation does a lot of skin correction (smoothing, hydrating, etc) on top of giving the skin a beautiful base. 

Now while I never blend more than 2 eyeshadow colors on my lids, this palette definitely has me blending 4-5 colors because the palette is gorgeous and all the colors are so pigmented.

Highly recommend snagging all of these at Ulta or Sephora. You can thank me later.

Current Product Obsession

It comes from Algenist, and is their Liquid Lip Collagen which is a total win. This is a vegan collagen moisturizing lip treatment that helps my lips look more plump, full and slightly contoured to appear more youthful. I am all for it. 

I may have a nail hoarding problem?

Who saw this video? These fake nails (press on and superglue enabled) are my favorites because I absolutely love skipping the nail salon, and giving myself a full blown manicure for a fraction of the cost. 

Another 5 from Ulta.

What's your favorite product that you've seen on Tik Tok?