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The BIGGEST Holiday Giveaway!

This is IT! The final (and most amazing in my humble opinion) holiday giveaway. There’s so many amazing products from brands, from Urban Decay to Tarte Cosmetics to Elf Cosmetics. I included some of my absolute favorite goodies (like St. Tropez tanning mousse) Kiehl’s and more!

This is a cute holiday icon of two ornaments.

To enter, hit the Gleam box below and complete as many entries as you’d like!

HUGE Holiday Giveaway

What are you most excited about?

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My favorite hair products is aragan oil .my hair is dry so i use it like twice a week to treat my hair… by the way thank you for doing this another giveaway is really really awesome:)i love the nuface so much, i need it in my life hehehe but evrything in this giveaway is gorgeous and wonderfull

Honestly everything looks amazing. I don’t have any of these products except for elf which is also a great brand so this would be freaking insane to win. The nuface facial toning device looks so fun!!

Hi Ada!! This would be an amazing gift for my sister and my mom since those brands can’t be found in my country!! I’m really looking forward to! You’re awesome, thank youuu!!

You are in the giving mood! We sincerely appreciate you thinking of us! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones 🙂

I am lovingg the giveaway! Thank you for the chance to winn this amazing stuff! I’m most excited for the skin care products, since my acne problems I am constantly trying smth new 😁😍😍

GREAT GIVEAWAY✨ So generous, thank you so much for thinking about us❤❤ this is the best giveaway I have ever seen
Thank you thank you thank you sooo much🎉😍 I love Elf products but finding them in Italy is very hard, so I would love to win them so I could give some to my friends too! They would be soooo happy😍😍

I am super excited about all the Urban Decay & Tarte products!! There are just soooooo many amazing things I am looking forward to with this giveaway, thank you so much for the opportunity! 😍😍😍😁😁😁

Thank you so much for giving back! ❤️️ This is the perfect giveaway! Been wanting to try these products and share this to my loving sister! ❤️️🙏🏻

I hope I win! cause I really love redken hair products! well I love everyyyy single product you mentioned in the video😍, but they’re too expensive for me, so it would be a dream come true to win this giveaway😍!!!!

Awwwww 😍😍😍 I’m speechless- Never saw a Giveaway like this. And there are so many products you can’t buy in Germany 😢 I would definitly be the luckiest girl in the World (so who needs a man when you can win this Bag? 😂). And please keep going on. You are such a lovely Person and a beautiful woman. Love from Berlin, Janici 😘

wow such an amazing giveaway. I really love all the products and i would love to win them so i could do my makeup better and get better skin… and i love the idea od sending some of the makeup to others, cuz my bestie doesn’t live in the same area as me and I would love to send her some 😀 Thanl you Adaleta for this oportunity XX

So generous 😍 Love the idea of giving some to a friend or family! I mean if I won I’d do that anyway but it’s nice that we can give you their name so you can send it to them especially if you don’t live in the same area as the person you want to give it to 🙌🏻 My favourite kind of hair product is probably batiste XXL volume styling spray, it’s so good!!

Plz pick me I really want to give one some of this skincare stuff to my sister and mother who don’t have great skin I would buy these by myself but I don’t have enough money this is 100% truthful it would be so amazing to give some of these awesome products to my family but that can only happen I I win this so plz
pick me im

Thank you so much Ada!! i’m from instagram family! i really want that facial tonning 😍👍✨

😩 I keep trying and can’t get the IG entry to work ☹️ I don’t know what to do?? Help plz! ❤️❤️

Eeep are you supposed to answer the question!? My favourite haircare product is Redken’s “One United” conditioning spray because my arms get so tired before I’ve finished using normal conditioner (because of my chronic illness) and that makes it soooo much easier and helps with tangles (my hair is super fine but there is a LOT of it!!)
Love the giveaway I’d share the things with my mum & friends who I’ve mostly met online since I haven’t been up to going to school :’)

Subscribed! 🙃 I would love to try the toning kit, I have three kids and feel like it’s starting to show haha.. Make up is a new love for me, I have just started wearing makeup again. I would also be excited to try that champagne pop!! 😘


So happy that you make this very HUGE holiday giveaway! I hope you will always be a better and better influencer for all ur followers and support systems. Keep up the good work Ada! 😊
tons of love from Indonesia❤️

First of all, AMAZING giveaway!
To answer the widget question, my favorite hair product right now is the Ion curl corrector creme. I know, very basic – but it has a nice scent and it un-frizzes my curls.
Thanks for the chance to win! Happy holiday season to you and yours. <3

My fave hair product is shea moisture leave in conditioner
Thank you so much for this opportunity, happy holidays!!!

Thanks for the opportunity, this so generous of, If I win I would love to share this goodies with my sisters and my mum 😊

Oh my goodness what a generous and lovely giveaway! If I won I would love to share these goodies with my mommy and my best friends! Thank you for doing this ❤

Ohhh closed the window before putting my name well haha ​​probably only wrote well Paulina haha ​​😱😱 And I so excited to try the It Cosmetics Palette! 😍

I’m excited to see what hubby bought me for Christmas and the look on my kids face as they open their presents! I obviously would love to win this giveaway! As I stated before my 16 yr old daughter says she hates makeup! Since your willing to split it up. Make a lil box of cute boxed items that she would be geared towards and I would like the rest. I would share skin care and hair stuff with hubby! I’ve been entering giveaways for months and haven’t won anything so I’m excited for you!!!😀 I’m your big fan.

Wow.. Such a lovely giveaway.. I really hope I win.. I am new to makeup.. So winning some makeup goodies are so awesome.. I am most excited to try the coverfx powder and of course all the products too.. Its all new to me.. Thanks a ton..

I would love those hair masks, tanning products and it cosmetics palette! I gonna need to swipe up some of that elf skincare! Have a great holiday season, Ada!

The FOLLOW ME ON IG button is t working…tried 20 times or more…won’t register that I DO follow you on IG…says FAILED TO LOAD. ☹️☹️☹️ Annnnywho…I would love to win this! I haven’t been able to afford any makeup or products for nearly 2 years now and desperately need to replace what is now verrrrry old makeup! I’ve entered well over 70 giveaways & contests trying to wing some makeup but nada yet. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️ And I’d love to give my bff some stuff because she’s a sweetheart and is always there for me and I’d love to give her something to say Thank you!!

Such an amazing Giveaway. .. thank u adaa .. i hope i win this giveaway. . It will be a first gift for me in my life. …♡

Giveaways are always welcome for me, especially this holiday season! Urban Decay has a lot of unique, classy modern apparel.

OMG! Everything’s amazing, really really amazing!! I am really excited about the kiehl’s and the nuface one. BUT EVERYTHING’S UNBELIVEBLE. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.

The Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Shampoo and the Conditioner. Leaves my hair smelling so wonderfully honey floral, and feeling soft!

You have sooo much stuff to giveaway! I probably hadn’t tried half or more of those brands. I need that face thing lol so I don’t get any wrickles. I do not have good luck so I am just participating as a friend to you Ms. Adaatude! You never told me if I can call you Ada!? For the last time Happy Holiday!!!

I count as my favorite hair product the Batiste dry shampoo. It has saved me several times and it does make my hair look so clean and nice.

Maybe I’m to late. I watched the video and it wouldn’t click continue. I’m your #1fan on all your social media! Peace out sister! Lol hahaha just playing…

You are beyond sweet for doing this. i know someone is going to be truly blessed to win this. than you for the chance, because I myself can’t splurge on namebrand things and I am sure many people are in the same boat. I am excited about the it cosmetics, urban Decay, 2faced, and well Everything lol. i can’t contain my excitement lol. If I win I will be sharing it with my mom and my sister. Thanks again and God bless. You have a heart of gold. .. Btw Good luck all.

Ooh yes 2days to go before this giveaway ends,. I cant wait anymore im so excited!:) i hope to be the lucky one!:) goodluck to all♥♥♥