The Biggest Misconception About Lash Extensions

This is a photo of me using the Amazing Lash Studio eye makeup removing pads, to remove the eye makeup.

The Biggest Misconception About Lash Extensions

June 8, 2018

Debunking the Oldest Lash Extension Myth

The most common statement (and question) I've received about lash extensions is "your natural lashes fall out and you're going to be left with no lashes!" We need to talk about this because if one more person tells me all my lashes are going to fall out, I am going to lose my mind! Listen, I've been doing my lashes on and off for years. My natural lashes are still here, because without my natural lashes, we wouldn't be able to put lash extensions on so the entire myth doesn't even make sense.

Your natural lashes fall out naturally. This is part of the natural cycle. Just like strands of your hair fall out, your skin flakes off and regenerates. So on and so forth. When you have lash extensions, you notice that your lashes fall out even more often. This is because lash extensions give you more lashes so you'll notice more falling out because they're extra lashes being added to your natural ones. Just because you see more lashes coming out does not mean it's your natural lashes falling out. On the contrary, it's usually the extensions coming out OR your natural lash is falling out which is taking the lash extension with it. 

Because I like to get the 6D volume, this means there's 6 lashes for every one lash I have, which means when I lose them, I am losing 6 lashes + potentially my natural lash if it's time for it to fall out.

For a great summary on the life of eyelashes, make sure to read this article. I cite a lot of information from other sources, along with using my own experience. When it comes to lashes falling out, it's going to happen but the biggest reason people think lash extensions make their lashes fall out is because when you lose your lash extensions, you only see your natural lashes which look so barren in comparison to the look you rocked with lash extensions. This doesn't mean you lose your natural lashes, but it just looks more barren than what you had before, so it's a common misconception that you just lose everything. However, most people who get their lashes done regularly have full lashes after their extensions are added. Without natural lashes, it's near impossible to give you a set of lash extensions because each extensions glues to a natural lash. Keep that in mind the next time you think all the natural lashes have fallen out; it's just not true when you think about it logically.

In this photo, I am holding the infamous foaming lash cleanser from Amazing Lash Studio.

Maintenance is also a huge piece in terms of keeping your lashes intact for longer.

One of the best ways to keep your lashes healthier for longer is using the foaming cleanser from Amazing Lash. They have their own product line (water based mascara, water based clear coat, cleanser, etc.) I love their products so much because they're not oil based, but they really give you the flexibility you need when it comes to add that extra wow factor to lashes. Sometimes when you're rocking lashes, they get tangled or they end up pointing in different directions. This is when the foaming cleanser comes into play because it helps cleanse the lashes and gets anything icky out of them. The best way to make the extensions last longer is to take care of them. This includes cleansing and it also includes brushing through them every single day.

This is a close up of the Amazing Lash Studio foaming lash cleanser, in a gorgeous marble bathroom.

How many times have you heard that lash extensions make all your lashes fall out? Knowing this is a total misconception, how do you feel after reading this? 

When are you getting your lashes done?

As a final thought, I will say I am all for supporting local business but when it comes to Amazing Lash, they are so much better than any other option when it comes to lashes. I have tried so many local businesses for lashes both in Tucson and Los Angeles, and none compare to Amazing Lash Studios. When you go to an Amazing Lash anywhere in the US, you will be getting incredible service with talented and well trained individuals. This is the truth, and I have only good things to say about them. Sometimes you need to go to a place that gets it right every single time, and this is my honest opinion. This post is not sponsored, and even if it was, I would be telling you my 100% real truth, just like I do with every single product I try! Now check out your town's Amazing Lash. You can thank me later.