The Blazer You Need This Spring

This is a photo of me wearing Chriselle x JOA while sitting on an old school Volvo in Tucson Arizona.

The Blazer You Need This Spring

April 3, 2018

I'm sat here at 10:15 PM trying to come up with something insightful to write about; a life post, 10 tips to being more confident, the usual life advice posts I am able to write on the fly. I'm starting to realize that not every single thing I write is going to be life advice, and I've decided to do some more stream of consciousness posts. Almost like a diary. More and more I want to update you on my recent days, and what's happening today. Along with sharing my favorite fashion pieces, because that's how we do it around here.

The past few weeks I've been focusing on more fitness, and less alcohol. Normally (completely candid here) I like to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with my dinner. Sometimes maybe even two. The problem is I don't like Budlight; I like the craft beers that each have 300-400 calories. Drink two of those and you're at 700-800 calories which is almost half of the daily intake. Not the best for any kind of diet, or non-diet. I decided to cut it back, work out more and see how quickly I can tone my body a bit more.

Not to mention I'm so over OrangeTheory at this point. I'm tired of being completely soaked in my own sweat, along with the acne and bad skin that comes with being soaked in my own sweat. I swear my sweat is toxic to my own skin. I also just hate the sensation of being wet with dirty water essentially. Anyone else with me on this? with that, I've taken to pilates, barre and a little core workout. All of these are possible at Body Works Pilates here in Tucson. I'm someone who needs a little accountability when it comes to fitness. Sure I love to run on my own, and enjoy a jog with no one telling me to run faster and so forth, but when it comes to consistency, I definitely need a class so I have to show up! Maybe some day down the road, that'll change.

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sore after doing OrangeTheory on Sunday and then getting up early to do some pilates this morning. Enough about fitness. I don't even like talking about fitness, so moving on. I'm looking at the pile of dishes I still need to do after making some steak and asparagus for dinner tonight. It was a quick meal, and I am getting to be a better cook but that doesn't mean I enjoy it. Maybe I'll just go soak those two pots that seem to be staring at me. Ok, that's done.

The Blazer

If you read my post about why I enjoy supporting other bloggers (here) or you've been keeping up on Instagram, you know I have been rocking a few pieces from Chriselle's new collection with JOA. This blazer is one of my favorite pieces, and such a staple in any collection. Not only can this dress up an outfit, it can also be dressed down so easily. There's a sexy vibe with the blazer if worn with jeans, leggings and some killer heels. However, you can absolutely make this look more professional than the suit your colleague may be wearing. Not to mention this blazer is so comfortable and does not dig into the shoulders. I've noticed a lot of blazers and coats seem to dig into the bicep, tricep or around the armpit. This blazer did not cause any issues for me, and it is actually the first one that hasn't!

While the site mentions this runs one size big, I got a medium and it fits really well. Therefore, I would not actually recommend ordering a size down because the small would have definitely dug into my arms in some capacity. The camel stripes class up this blazer so much, and make it so easy to pair with any denim. 

When it comes to rocking a blazer, I always love a gorgeous pair of jeans with some wedges or heels to add that professional cool chic vibe. Know what I'm talking about? ...I make up the fashion as I go. This bright crossbody bag has been getting a lot of love from me lately. It is a full crossbody handbag with a unique design, but one of the pieces of the crossbody can be removed just to become a clutch. Therefore, you're technically getting two bags for the price of one so you can justify the price. I am such a good negotiator, even with myself. Do you do the same thing? I just like to soften the cost.

This is a closer look of me standing alongside an old school Volvo in Barrio Viejo wearing a Chriselle x JOA blazer and distressed jeans.

Doing this particular photoshoot was so much fun, and in some many instances, Dominic and I were high-fiving because we were so excited we got the shot! There's nothing more rewarding to a blogger (and I imagine a photographer) than getting the shot for a particular outfit or campaign. It just makes me feel so accomplished. 

This is a close up of me sitting on top of an old school Volvo in Barrio Viejo rocking a JOA blazer from Nordstrom.

When it comes to a blazer jacket, what do you look for?